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Discussion in 'Other' started by Moonrat, Jan 4, 2016.

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    So guys, I'm wanting to get a server that only host community maps. Of course, being familiar with TFMaps helped me quickly find many maps I remembered looking fun. So here is the list!

    Will do:
    Overlook http://tf2maps.net/resources/overlook.28/ CTF y
    Skyward http://tf2maps.net/resources/skyward.38/ KOTH y
    Glassworks http://tf2maps.net/resources/glassworks.46/ 5CP Push y
    Mojave http://tf2maps.net/resources/mojave.17/ 2 Stage A/D y
    Waste http://tf2maps.net/resources/waste.185/ Tug y
    Geomance http://tf2maps.net/resources/geomance.1022/ 5CP y
    Panic http://tf2maps.net/resources/panic.134/ 3 Stage PLR y
    Cashworks http://tf2maps.net/resources/cashworks.42/ PL (Large file) y
    Namicott http://tf2maps.net/resources/namicott.35/ KOTH y

    Might Do:
    Artic http://tf2maps.net/resources/arctic.33/ KOTH y
    Namicott http://tf2maps.net/resources/namicott.35/ KOTH y
    Keikoku http://tf2maps.net/resources/keikoku.16/ A/D y
    Wildfire http://tf2maps.net/resources/wildfire.31/ CTF y
    Backlot http://tf2maps.net/resources/backlot.2/ Arena y
    Moonshine http://tf2maps.net/resources/moonshine.152/ KOTH y

    Needs Consideration:
    Suijin http://tf2maps.net/resources/suijin.4/ Arena (Large file, Unoptimized, Big) y
    Zikentite http://tf2maps.net/resources/zinkenite.22/ 3 Stage A/D (Great map, MASSIVE FILE) y
    Vector http://tf2maps.net/resources/vector.30/ A/D CTF (Large file, Weird gamemode(A/D CTF)) y

    Can't Do/ Will not do:
    Rust http://tf2maps.net/threads/rust.18621/ PL (Missing models) y
    Sunshine http://tf2maps.net/resources/sunshine.47/ 5 CP Push (Missing models, Missing textures) y
    5Curve http://tf2maps.net/resources/5curve.39/ PL (Missing models) y
    Angkor http://tf2maps.net/resources/angkor.40/ PL Missing models) y
    Stoneyridge http://tf2maps.net/resources/stoneyridge.19/ A/D (Missing models) y
    Manngrove http://tf2maps.net/resources/manngrove.45/ PL (Missing models) y
    Animus http://tf2maps.net/resources/animus.601/ PLR (Dev textures) y
    Pier http://tf2maps.net/resources/pier.854/ PL (Missing models) y
    Corrode http://tf2maps.net/resources/corrode.253/ PL (Missing models, Missing textures) y
    Note: y means I have loaded the map in TF2C, n means I have not. I will be checking all these maps to make sure that they work and have no glaring issues.

    A map being larger than about 35 MB classifies it as large. If maps have a BZ2 option, like Zikentite, then I'll use that.

    As you can see, there are some more unorthodox gamemodes on there. I want to make sure those are fun before putting them on there. (Waste, Vector, Also HAARP)

    That's the list as of now, if you guys have any input or suggestions, I would like to hear them.

    You may have noticed that this list is updated if you saw this post on Facepunch. I have tested more of these maps with the help of Habber.

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