Achievement Hunter : Minecraft - Patient Zero

Discussion in 'Minecraft /Sandbox' started by CaptSpiffy, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. CaptSpiffy

    CaptSpiffy Best Moderator NA

    This is easily one of the more fucked up things that the Achievement Hunter guys have done in Minecraft. Though, it's all worth it... FOR SCIENCE!
  2. SoL DarkLord

    SoL DarkLord SOL DARK LORD OF THE SEVEN HELLS VF4 Supporter Tabletop GM

    o_O this really is a creepy update. But at the same time, AWESOME UPDATE! now I want to infect the world!
  3. textercist

    textercist Well-Known Member

    its a pretty interesting update thats for sure. that video is goofy as hell

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