Allowing Weapon Spawners and Power Ups to be tied to other Entities + Map Idea

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by EonDynamo, Jan 3, 2016.

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    I was playing around with some possible map mechanics and realized that the weapon and power up entities do not allow for parents or naming.

    The reason I'd like to see this implemented is it would allow for some creative gimmicks for deathmatch maps.


    Signal lights spread out through the map warn players of the trains soon to be arrival. This promotes players to congregate to the center of the map, slaughtering each other until the power up arrives.

    A.Trains fall into two categories:
    Different themed trains would carry different power ups.
    • UBER EXPRESS carrying a UBER
    • CRITZ COAL MINES train carrying a critz power up

    B.Trains that don't contain power ups and will simply blast through the railway, killing any players in there wake.

    I'm still working on a layout, but until something like this is implemented, I wouldn't want to waste to much time dwelling on it.
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    ill pass it on

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