[Character] Asdragath Thwimdawi- Dwarf Conjuration Wizard

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  1. Asdragath Thwimdawi hails from his shack near the ancient dwarven sky-citadel of Jormundun. Already considered more than slightly unhinged by the Duergar of that ancient city, who refused to approach the madman (a matter helped by Asdragath's favor with the resident demon lord Yaelek-Vor, who found his insane ramblings hilarious), Asdragath's condition only worsened when he got lost one evening returning from a particularly distressing game of "toss the dwarf" with the local giants, and ended up taking an extended walk across the entirety of the Worldwound. After some harrowing mishaps while crossing that blighted expanse, especially a particularly awkward encounter involving a blind She-Devil and some rope, Asdragath has picked up a few new tricks, as well as a new companion whom he has affectionately named "Mittens," much to the latter's chagrin.

    Asdragath now finds himself in Torch, with his new scorpion friend and the voice of the She-Devil "Carol" always in his head (quite literally). Making the best of his new circumstances, and deciding that he really didn't like that old shack too much anyway, Asdragath looks forward to enhancing his newfound skills in the arcane, as well as his already impressive abilities in the ancient and noble art of "sick backflips".

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  2. Reupload with spells in the right place

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