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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Geoff, Apr 20, 2013.

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    It's that time of the year again people! I'm in that mood to search for this book I know I owned many years ago, and I hope someone here can help me find it. So, he details.

    It's a "scary" type of book, like Goosebumps. It had 3 stories in it, but I currently can only remember two. The first one is my favorite. It's about this old man who has a bunch of plants that are shaped like animals (big ass mythological ones too) and when he is sent to a hospital he jut keeps saying to "feed the plants". Eventually the plants come to life. Local animals go missing, trash is destroyed.

    Other story is about a kid who wakes up one morning and no one knows who he is. His parents don't know him, his friends don't, his coach doesn't. Eventually he wakes up, finds out he celebrated at a new chinese restaurant and the food was bad, he fell into a coma.

    See? I got details and I still can't find it. =( If anyone knows this book, PLEASE let me know.

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