Brainstoming 4 team CP maps

Discussion in 'Maps' started by Yoshiatom, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. Yoshiatom

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    I've noticed a "trend" in TF2C's 4 team maps (other than the fact they in small number); they all have the same layout: 4 capture points, each by team spawn, and you have to have one team with all 4 caped.
    Because the same thing gets boring after a while, I've been thinking about how we could make 4 team CP maps without the "common" layout they all seem to have.

    Share any ideas you might have here; no matter how crazy!
  2. Habber

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    I have a plan. Rotate the control points 45 degrees. The points themselves are on the cardinal directions while the spawns are between them. This will make it harder for one team to lock down one point, and hopefully split traffic up a little less.
  3. I was thinking simply make the point further away from the spawns, because atm right after respawning a team can eeeeasily recap their nearest point. @Habber 's idea sounds good too!

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