[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - July 21

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    - tp_snowy: a push the cart map created by Leon Kilean
    - Most Notorious Player (MNP) is showcased at round end [Teamplay]
    - dynamite price multiplier for Teamplay maps. Now dynamite cost +50% in tp_eliminator/tp_snowy

    - tp_eliminator: more cover, new window
    - cash reward tweaked, players who lead their teams get extra cash from the weapons owned when round ends (if they survive)

    - View doesn't black-out when players die from a fall

    - Smith carbine: slightly lower damage at close range, damage decreases over distance (only kills in 1 shot when head is hit), reload speed +25% quicker, player speed while aiming +30% faster, slightly more inaccurate while aiming and moving (at same time)

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