[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - October 10

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    Howdy! Here's the usual Friday's update. Nothing big this time but some important fixes and additional polish.

    In case you don't read our community forum, I asked some feedback about a 12 slot map contest a few days ago, so I'd appreciate if more people join the discussion here.

    - some bullet tracing related issues that include: case where a shot would do extra damage (unintentional crit ^^) and "hat-shot" denying body damage when enemy is shot from above

    - fof_depot: added extra cover to train, gold crate moved to train, improved cubemap reflections, minor fixes
    - fof_robertlee: fixed spot behind a door where players could get stuck, improved cubemap reflections
    - tp_yosemite: fixed case where round doesn't end when time runs out
    - removed option to hide health panel

    FoF Competitive League news:

    I'd like to inform you that final is taking place next Monday night at 9:30 EST. An event will be set so you don't miss it :)

    FoFCL Steam Group.

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