Cvc, And What's To Come...

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by VintagePC, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. VintagePC

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    Now that CvC is over, I've swapped the servers back to regular rotation and setup. Let me know if there are any issues that may remain.

    Congrats to our own CvC team for a great effort, you had some tough competition!

    On a related note, I've been informed that CvC is likely to become a bi-monthly thing (with some rule adjustments regarding UGC teams), so keep your eyes peeled, we'll very likely be hosting servers for it again - so keep your clicking fingers in shape!
  2. Barbarossa_5

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    It was a great deal of fun and I hope most, if not all, of the same people want to do it again. Can't say I'm not disappointed in a lot of the other groups for fielding teams that were either entirely or almost entirely UGC players, but this was only the first and hopefully rules and such will get ironed out more in the future.

    Great job guys!
  3. Iceh

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    wait does this mean I am needed again?

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