dm_lockout2, relive Halo 2 Multiplayer.

Discussion in 'Maps' started by Red, Jan 2, 2016.

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    Red Noob

    This map is a port of a csgo map, edited to work with TF2C's deathmatch mode. All lights, weapon spawns, and player spawns were hand placed to be nearly 1:1 with the original lockout map in halo 2 multiplayer.

    Features the sten, six shooter, shotgun, smg, and for the first time in any deathmatch map, the RPG and Poacher's Pride, as well as the Beserker power up. And even better, a call back to Halo's Multiplayer, whenever a new round starts a "SLAYER" voice call will kick it off.
    Minor issues could remain, player spawn rotation or healthpacks being unaligned.​

    Click the picture for the full album


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