First Adventures in Team Fortress 2 Classic

Discussion in 'Videos' started by FUTURE.10S, Jan 2, 2016.

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    This was basically my second day playing TF2C and this time, I managed to record it! I plan on doing some more serious videos (such as about nerfing the Nail Gun) and then I might do a couple of silly ones where I try and get kills with only a weapon like the pistols.
  2. Have you made content in the past?
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    I had a YouTube channel before this, but it had some trash content on it, so while I have done content, I've basically never done anything at this level. New Year's Resolution is to make a YouTube channel that will break 100 subs in a year, which might be asking for too much, but I'm at 4, so I might be doing something right. Except for video length.

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