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Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Geoff, Jul 30, 2014.

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    Okay, I feel like I've been slightly too silent lately. Mainly the whole move and new job has kept me busy. And fixing my friend's place...

    Any who, the cool part! I now have some badass internet and just got a 50ft Ethernet cable! So far I've just been streaming CoD: Ghosts and knifing my way to 60. I've been getting good at it too. But I am more than happy to stream any and all games that I have on Steam. Or if there are any games people want me to try. I did attempt some Path of Exile but I got a slight bit of lag and stopped.

    I do know that once I get an Xbone I'll be streaming Destiny/CoD/Halo so I can't wait for that (so far away). But I'm rambling. If anyone is interested in watching, the link will be down below. Usual stream times is about 12:30AM - 4AM and 9AM-2PM (EST time). I usually start when I get home and when I wake up. Once I get a new game, I'll definitely be doing it more. I should also mention that you can just click on the member livestreams above the shoutbox. =D

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