In Search Of A Capture Card For The Xbox 360

Discussion in 'Tech Chat' started by Geoff, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play" Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Alright, so sitting next to me collecting dust, I have a Dazzle Capture Card. It's been used and honestly, I get annoyed with the software that I was given because when I record and render, it comes out horrible.

    I am hoping there is someone who knows of a capture card that records nice quality (not super hardcore HD, just average quality) but isn't at the price range of the damned Happauge capture card.

    I'm aiming for something cheaper than $100. Now, my coworker was selling his Happauge for $80-100, but I have yet to find out if he was able to sell it. I'll check in with him tomorrow and until then I'm hoping to get help here. ^_^ I'm heading to Bestbuy and any other place around me in search of anything.
  2. RawrSpoon

    RawrSpoon Well-Known Member

    Roxio VHS to DVD is pretty great and pretty cheap, only thing is that it only accepts analog input. Composite and S video only.
  3. moo_d

    moo_d Well-Known Member

    If you are still looking- I know BlackMagic Design has some killer ingest solutions for this. More expensive, but a used one might be available.

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