Left4Dead2: Left 4 Dead 2 Update

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    This update also include an update to the L4D2 Authoring Tools

    - Added the Extended Mutation System
    - Included demo EMS modes Holdout, Dash, L4D1
    - Added support for Linux

    - Server operators can now specify whether or not custom content is allowed when playing on their servers. This can be set on a per game mode basis – see cfg/addonconfig.cfg for details.

    - Fixed yellow screen corruption that occurs on AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series hardware.
    - Updated database to include video cards from the Steam survey through April 2013.

    - If a found game is using a Mutation add-on from the workshop, the "Download Add-on" button will open the workshop page
    - Adjusted add-on sorting when loading the main menu so Mutation add-ons can override UI elements.
    - Reworked add-on management to improve stability and properly support custom mutations.
    - Fixed the download progress panel sometimes not updating because it was referencing a different file than the one currently downloading.
    - Added a drop-down menu to the add-on screen to filter by tags.
    - Fixed occasional focus problem when clicking on the Addons list panel.
    - Allow keyboard scrolling of the Addons list panel.

    Publishing Tools
    - Fixed published file browser not updating after publishing new content.
    - Fixed published file browser showing only the first fifty items of a users workshop.
    - Fixed upload tool throwing an error when replacing an existing file, if the file size was greater than the available space in the cloud.
    - Fixed upload tool sometimes showing an error dialog for files that had been deleted from workshop.

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