New Gameservers: Warsow and Teeworlds!

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    Just a quick announcement from your favourite evil penguin overlord ;)

    I'm pleased to announce (for those of you that haven't seen them yet) that we now have two new games to feature in our game server line-up.

    The best part is that they are completely FREE to play! That's right, FREE!

    First up is Warsow, a traditional Quake style FPS but with minimal specs so it should run well on most folks' machines. More info and download is available at the Warsow homepage:

    Once you're ready, the server is running on
    (Yes, it is a registered server for the official rankings! Wohoo!)

    Second: Teeworlds is a 2D platform/shooter with a classic look to it... and the client is only a few MB. You can get it here:

    And again, server is at

    Enjoy - and as always, comments, requests, and poorly disguised disdain can go in this thread :D

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