Proof-of-concept demo: TF2 Classic compiled and running on OS X (Macintosh)

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    After seeing the nice release of the mod for the Linux version of SDK 2013, I wondered, "do the people doing the porting have access to OS X? Would the mod's code on git (2.0.0b3 branch) make XCode go insane? Where is Valve's documentation for cross-platform?" (It was later found in the small rural town of Nowhere.)
    After a few hours of work and compiling about a thousand-dozen source files, and putting the resulting two .dylib binaries in the mod's release available here, I managed to get it working as "natively" as any other Source game on OS X (see: ToGL.) Some things like the UI fonts and .bik movies seem to be Windows-only (my memory is fuzzy as I haven't played TF2 on Linux since it was in closed beta), but the game is there, and it seems to work just fine. It may need the "-steam" hotfix like the GNU/Linux port, but I did the initial testing on a friend's insecure server. Framerates were outstanding, and even with the rather hefty "new" explosion/rocket/fire particles, the game ran as smooth as hot butter. This video illustrates everything but the latter, as rendering 60FPS YouTubes is no fun after an all-nighter.


    All the disclaimers and fun "please don't sue me" notes are crammed into the first few seconds for pausing and reading. Whole video was hastily recorded in Quicktime, but as I said before, this mod runs smooth as butter thanks to lacking the hacky workarounds and failed experiments that TF2 has been getting ever since the ironically named "Hatless Update". I applaud these framerates. If I didn't make it blindingly obvious, this currently nothing but a carefully fanmade port using nothing external. If a developer wants the avalanche of source files, I can oblige. Or if they say so, anyone interested may touch the code/bins.
  2. Says the video is private? :p

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