Quotes Thread 2.0

Discussion in 'Spam' started by Net, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Net

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    So we need a quotes thread again. This would be the place :)
  2. Iceh

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    (Talking to Net)

    Iceh: How was Halloween for yeah?

    Net: I was working during most of it so pretty uneventful :(

    Iceh: D:
    Net No! You need a break from work if it does not let you give others candy so that Dentists make money D:

    Net: haha
  3. Iceh

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    African Grey:
    I told you! The skies have open up and the ponies will pour in, and all will be laid waste!
  4. CaptSpiffy

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    VoltageSpike: So, we've begun the downvote wars.
    DeBo: So, we're like the imgur of gaming.
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  5. theLumberJack

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    Me: I like the fog. It reminds me of how insignificant we are. I like things that remind of that.
    Friend: So women?
  6. .silence.

    .silence. Vault Hunter

    Tachyon³ is Going Places: the way the posts are laid out literally gave me cancer
  7. theLumberJack

    theLumberJack Achievement Hunter Member from long ago...

    Lavared: I told you yesterday GJ that I wanted you to help me build
    GJ: Oh well I'll help you lavabread, and we can be inbred together.
  8. Iceh

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    Blood Feast Island Man:
    sometimes i like to cover my chest in bbq sauce and let squirrells lick it off
    1. [​IMG]Iceh:
      sounds cold. How do you not freeze to death doing that?
    Blood Feast Island Man:
    Through years of practicing Tummo (inner fire meditation) to Celine Dion music. I've perfected the ability to keep warm
  9. Iceh

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    1. 4 minutes ago - [​IMG] theLumberJack:
      AG you live in St Louis. Take care of it the St Louis way. Put a brick through his window, if that doesn't work blow him up in his car so no one else fucks with you.

    2. 3 minutes ago - [​IMG] Iceh:

    3. 2 minutes ago - [​IMG] Iceh:
      Sounds like to much work :p not to mention against the law

    4. 2 minutes ago - [​IMG] Iceh:
      o_O *
    5. 1 minute ago - [​IMG] theLumberJack:
      It's St Louis Iceh
    6. 1 minute ago - [​IMG] Net:
      Yea I can see that shit being allowed in St. Louis.
    7. 1 minute ago - [​IMG] theLumberJack:
      the unions own the law
    8. 1 minute ago - [​IMG] Net:
      hey are batshit crazy donw there.
    9. A moment ago - [​IMG] theLumberJack:
      I may or may not have familial ties to people who partake in 'batshit crazy' st louis things.
    10. A moment ago - [​IMG] theLumberJack:
      I have no comment.
    11. A moment ago - [​IMG] theLumberJack:
      I'm walking my dogs now good bye
    12. A moment ago - [​IMG] Net:
      You just commented though..
    13. A moment ago - [​IMG] Net:
    14. A moment ago - [​IMG] theLumberJack:
  10. Iceh

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    1. 1 minute ago - [​IMG] Zirkus:
      bought some homemade jerky from a friend. its like licking hot lava. dear god
    2. A moment ago - [​IMG] Reechard:
      you stay the fuck away from my wife.
    3. A moment ago - [​IMG] Reechard:
      dammit zirkus
  11. Sega

    Sega Well-Known Member

    1:46 PM - Fyre!: Virgin Forever 4-Asses?
    1:46 PM - Sega° [VF4-A]: you got it
    1:46 PM - Fyre!: nice
    1:46 PM - Fyre!: Im a champion decrypter
    1:47 PM - Sega° [VF4-A]: you're a champion something
    1:47 PM - Fyre!: fornicator
    1:47 PM - Sega° [VF4-A]: your Mom must be proud.
    1:47 PM - Fyre!: dude
    1:48 PM - Fyre!: she high 5s me each time
    1:48 PM - Sega° [VF4-A]: That's wrong on so many levels
    1:48 PM - Fyre!: sometimes, she waits outside the door with cookies and milk
    1:48 PM - Sega° [VF4-A]: ...
    1:48 PM - Fyre!: LOL
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  12. Iceh

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  13. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    1. 48 minutes ago - [​IMG] African Grey:
      who are some good people to fallow on twitter?
    2. 41 minutes ago - [​IMG] Zirkus:
      nobody... because its twitter
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  14. CaptSpiffy

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    Vintage CaptSpiffy: ...
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: no
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: why not just do a line of coke off of a hooker's ass, like a normal person?
    Don Q. Reavis: FAX
    Don Q. Reavis: BUSINESS FAX
    Don Q. Reavis is now Offline.
  15. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    GJ: Sometimes you just have to bite the pillow and go in hard.
    Lavared: If it's not already wet when you go in you're doing the foreplay wrong.
    Me: But it doesn't get wet in your ass.
    GJ: Diarrhea.
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  16. Iceh

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      1. 4 minutes ago - [​IMG] Iceh:
        why does it ask such personal questions like my postal code and my current adress o.o

      2. 3 minutes ago - [​IMG] Iceh:
        I am not giving it my such personal info xD

      3. 3 minutes ago - [​IMG] Iceh:

    1. A moment ago - [​IMG] Spago:
      I never give those things my real shit.
    2. A moment ago - [​IMG] Spago:
      hell, my MSN email thinks I'm 102 years old. keep getting damn AARP invites
  17. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    1. 1 minute ago - [​IMG] CaptSpiffy:
      I fucking love Bioshock.
    2. A moment ago - [​IMG] CaptSpiffy:
      "oh hey, here's this beautiful environment. oops, the lights are out."
    3. A moment ago - [​IMG] CaptSpiffy:
      "one sec, that's not a prob- OH GOD SOMETHING'S CLAWING ITS WAY IN!"
    4. A moment ago - [​IMG] CaptSpiffy:
      seriously, though, there's a TON of moments in that game.
    5. A moment ago - [​IMG] CaptSpiffy:
      "oh, god, what's this little girl doing out here?"
    6. A moment ago - [​IMG] CaptSpiffy:
  18. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    1. 11 minutes ago - [​IMG] lonesome killer:
      Who's up for some The Ship?
    2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    3. 8 minutes ago - [​IMG] Razer:
      Dammit... ship would be good if I wasn't at work.
    4. 7 minutes ago - [​IMG] Razer:
      Instead, I'm stuck in minecraft, harvesting lava.
    5. 7 minutes ago - [​IMG] LavaRed:
      I beg your pardon!
    6. 6 minutes ago - [​IMG] Razer:
      beg all you want. I dont grant pardons.
    7. 5 minutes ago - [​IMG] Razer:
    8. 4 minutes ago - [​IMG] LavaRed:
      you'd like that wouldnt you? lol
    9. 4 minutes ago - [​IMG] Razer:
    10. 3 minutes ago - [​IMG] Funk:
      I harvest wheat.
    11. 3 minutes ago - [​IMG] LavaRed:
      so much facepalm
    12. 1 minute ago - [​IMG] :
      Razer laughs
  19. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    1. 19 minutes ago - [​IMG] African Grey:
      today on a random IRC: Person one says: "Why would I do that"
    2. 19 minutes ago - [​IMG] African Grey:
      person two says: "for science!"
    3. 19 minutes ago - [​IMG] African Grey:
      "Person one: "Fuck science."
    4. 18 minutes ago - [​IMG] Barbarossa_5:
      science is pretty sexy
    5. 18 minutes ago - [​IMG] African Grey:
      anonymous user: "I'm an expert in fuck science. Wanna experiment with me?"
    6. 17 minutes ago - [​IMG] African Grey:
      So then I came here instead.
    7. 15 minutes ago - [​IMG] Barbarossa_5:
      you expect a higher level of conversation here?
    8. 5 minutes ago - [​IMG] African Grey:
      no. just wanted a different one.
  20. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    1. 5 minutes ago - [​IMG] Spazz:
      That's it.
    2. 5 minutes ago - [​IMG] Spazz:
      I just got boo'd off of a dating website.
    3. 5 minutes ago - [​IMG] Spazz:
      A *free* dating website.
    4. 5 minutes ago - [​IMG] Spazz:
      Guess I'll give men a try.
    5. 4 minutes ago - [​IMG] Spazz:
      Or maybe hermaphrodites.
    6. 4 minutes ago - Spazz:
      Ease into it a bit.

    7. 1 minute ago - Iceh:

    8. A moment ago - Iceh:
    9. A moment ago - Spazz:
    10. A moment ago - Spazz:
      Wanna be my date to the senior prom?

    11. A moment ago - Iceh:
      why not go meet a girl outside?

    12. A moment ago - Iceh:
    13. A moment ago - Spazz:
      Promise I'll go light on the roofies.

    14. A moment ago - Iceh:

    15. A moment ago - Iceh:
      I already got one
    16. A moment ago - Spazz:
    17. A moment ago - Spazz:
      Problem was that they all were just that.
    18. A moment ago - Spazz:

    19. A moment ago - Iceh:
      Fireh is my prom date

    20. A moment ago - Iceh:

    21. A moment ago - Iceh:
      ask LAva?
    22. A moment ago - Spazz:
      You wound me with your cruel, cruel words.

    23. A moment ago - Iceh:
    24. 1 minute ago - [​IMG] Spazz:
      No, honestly all the women I met liked me so much that I got friend zoned.
    25. 1 minute ago - [​IMG] Spazz:
      It's literally been like 5 times in a row now.
    26. 1 minute ago - [​IMG] Spazz:
      I'm at the point where I'm all "Fuck it, I'll get a dog and an expensive internet connection."