Selling Some Tf2 Items.

Discussion in 'Steam Item Trading' started by Durka, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Durka

    Durka Well-Known Member

    Hey All!

    I am looking to sell some of my items on TF2. I am either looking for offers or accepting complete buy-outs on these items:

    Strange Rust BK Wrench - C/O: Nothing. (B/O: 1 key)
    Strange Shovel - C/O: Nothing. (B/O: .44 ref)
    Liquid Locker - C/O: Nothing. (B/O: 1 key + 1.33 ref)
    Vintage Pyrovision Goggles - C/O: Nothing. (B/O: .33 ref)
    Genuine Lone Star - C/O: Nothing. (B/O: 1 key)
    Genuine Human Cannonball (all class hat) - C/O: Nothing. (B/O: 1 key)
    DIRTY Texas Ten Gallon - C/O: Nothing. (B/O: .77 ref)
    DIRTY Soldier's Stash - C/O: Nothing. (B/O: .44 ref)
    DIRTY Familiar Fez - C/O: Nothing. (B/O): 1.77 ref)
    DIRTY Professional Panama - C/O: Nothing. (B/O: .66 ref)

    Thanks for viewing!

    Post below to make an offer or let me know if you're looking to buy the item for the B/O price listed above!

    Have a nice day.
  2. Durka

    Durka Well-Known Member

    Sold Fez.
  3. [FFN] Mika

    [FFN] Mika Well-Known Member

    What level are the Pyrovision Goggles?

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