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    Originally Posted by Nacasius at FFN

    Time to start a new character, and I'm not spending 30+ hours getting Blacksmithing, Alchemy and Enchanting maxed again before i ever step out of Whiterun.

    So i'm CHEATING! HA

    If you don't like it, tough, don't read any further!
    If you DO like, well, i recommend you make a save at your current progress, and only use just as much as you need to get past whatever hurdle you feel is holding back your enjoyment. There a great deal of room between maxing out a tradeskill and giving yourself a little gold, and going full God mode to KILL ALL THE THINGS!!WTFPWN

    First on the list is the PC command player.additem which is used buy the PC version of the game to, well, Add Items!

    For example:

    player.additem 0002E504 10

    This is the code to add 10 Full Black Soul Gems to your inventory. Nice for those quickly needed enchants.

    Here is the list of other ID codes for the Souls Gems.

    0002E4E2 – Petty (empty)
    0002E4E3 – Petty (full)
    0002E4E4 – Lesser (empty)
    0002E4E5 – Lesser (full)
    0002E4E6 – Common (empty)
    0002E4F3 – Common (full)
    0002E4F4 – Greater (empty)
    0002E4FB – Greater (full)
    0002E4FF – Grand (empty)
    0002E4FC - Grand (full)
    0002E500 – Black (empty)

    Now since we are on the topic of giving items, extra gold is nice if you don't want to spend time farming it.

    player.additem 0000000f 10000

    That will add 10000 gold. You can change that last number to whatever you want but i have no idea how much you can enter before you crash your game. You are warned.

    Now i mentioned Skills.

    There is a another command.

    player.advskill restoration 1000

    That command add 1000 points of experaince to the restoration skill.
    Some skills only need 1000 points to max them to 100, others need 100 000 to reach 100 so you will need to play with the final number for whatever your doing.

    Here is a list of the names of the skills you can use in the command line.

    Heavy Armor
    Light Armor

    Using these commands you should be able to tweak your new toon to whatever your old toon was or just get past a skill hurdle if you need too.
    And as i mentioned before you don't need to use these at all, but feel free to experiment, its your gaming experience.
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    I love how you made copies of two of my posts already! xD

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