[TF2] Team Fortress 2 Update Released

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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    • Added the 'Tomb Raider' tag to the item import tool
    • Added The Kritz or Treat Canteen to the Halloween 2014 Community Bundle
      • Players who previously purchased the bundle have automatically been granted the item
    • Fixed a client crash that could happen while the server was changing maps
    • Fixed the Teleport spell not appearing in Helltower
    • Fixed rare spells appearing in regular Helltower spellbook pick-ups
    • Fixed disguised Spies not displaying the correct health value to enemies
    • Fixed the Engineer not playing the proper response rules while using the Golden Frying Pan
    • Fixed the Sniper getting stuck with a zoomed FOV after taunting while zooming
    • Fixed maps not loading correctly in the SFM tool
    • Fixed a bug in the Workshop import tool related to frame count calculation for taunts that were exported from the SFM tool
    • Fixed the Demoman not riding in the correct bumper car position when holding two-handed melee weapons
    • Disabled auto team-balance while players are in hell on Helltower and Carnival of Carnage
    • Updated bumper cars to deal damage when hitting players not in bumper cars
    • Updated the Necro Smasher so Strange parts and Halloween Spells can be applied to it
    • Updated the equip_region for the Iron Fist
    • Removed the smoke effect from the Tiny Texan
    • Updated the Rescue Ranger so players no longer block its ability to pick-up buildings from a distance
    • Updated sd_doomsday_event
      • Fixed a bug where Merasmus's curses would trigger during the bumper car minigames
      • Fixed players using the tiny-melee-only curse to get outside of the playable area of the map
      • Fixed a bug with the Eureka Effect and with teleporters where players could escape being teleported to the bumper car minigames
      • Reduced duration of the Monoculus spell from 15 seconds to 8 seconds
      • Fixed players being able to construct buildings in the spawn areas
      • Fixed Engineers not being able to build if a Merasmus curse is enabled while they were carrying a building
      • Updated Merasmus's curses to remove all projectiles and sentry gun ammo when teleporting players to the middle of the map

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