TF2 Blog: Team Fortress 2 Update Released

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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    • Improved the Backpack UI
      • Added page buttons for all pages
      • Removed prev/next buttons
      • Updated the drag/drop behavior to interact with the page buttons
    • Strange quality items can now be placed on the Steam Community Market
    • Added a "Show Untradable Items" checkbox to the recipe UI.
    • Added the smoke effect to The Soldier's Stogie
    • Added the InfoShow 2014 community event medal
    • Added Crate #82 and Crate #83 to the drop list
    • Crate drop rates have been significantly lowered
    • Removed Crate #60, Crate #75, Crate #76 and Crate #77 from the drop list
    • Virtual Reality mode
      • The game will now start in VR mode if it is launched from Steam while Steam is running in VR mode
    • Updated the equip_region for the Humanitarian's Hachimaki, The Special Eyes, The Blazing Bull, Master's Yellow Belt, The Lucky Shot, and The Deadliest Duckling
    • Updated The Gunboats so they can be used in Medieval mode
    • Updated the Wrangler so Strange parts can be applied to it
      • Strange parts only increment if a Wrangler-controlled Sentry does the scoring
    • Updated Chemistry Sets
      • Started dropping Series 3 Chemistry Sets with an expiration date
      • Retroactively added Series tags to older Chemistry Sets
    • Fixed a client crash related to killstreak effects
    • Fixed seeing the incorrect cosmetic items on players when the server has been running for a long time
    • Fixed hats not dropping into the world when players are killed
    • Fixed the Jarate effect not being displayed on some cosmetic items
    • Fixed framerate affecting player turn rate while using the Demoman's shield charge
    • Fixed flashlight shadows projected on players for Linux and Mac clients
    • Fixed seeing the fire texture on Runner's Warm-Up and the Tiny Timber in DirectX 8
    • Fixed The Doe-Boy using incorrect team materials
    • Fixed some Strange parts not being counted properly when attached to wearable weapons like the Mantreads and Demoman's shields
    • Fixed Spies speaking their payload cart forward/backward response_rules lines while disguised
    • Fixed Mann vs. Machine Giant Heavies not playing the correct override sounds for their Miniguns
    • Fixed the Huntsman charge bar being misaligned

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