TF2 Classic 2.0 Beta is here!

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    ...and its here!

    Download the client here:!

    An update to Team Fortress 2 Classic has been released. This is a beta preview of the 2.0 update.

    - Llama wood cutout no longer replaces cows
    - Added new Main Menu (MrModez, Snowshoe)
    - Video background support (MrModez, PistonMiner)
    - Video backgrounds (iiboharz, OneFourth)
    - Added Options menu
    - Added Stats menu
    - Added new Loadout menu (MrModez)
    - Added new Load Screen (PistonMiner, OverPovered, Hot Pocket, Snowshoe)
    - Ported TF2 HUD panels (Danielmm8888)
    - Added several new compositions (Mr.Modez)
    - Added a new game mode, Deathmatch (Danielmm8888, Nicknine, PistonMiner, Iamgoofball)
    - Free-for-all competition to get the most kills
    - Round ends after 50 kills have been reached
    - DM-specific Weapons (Iamgoofball)
    - Added the Sten Gun (Sedimentarysocks, Maxxy), Super Shotgun (Rage, Game Zombie, OverPovered), Six Shooter (model is placeholder), Crowbar
    - Added the Overheal Pill (Game Zombie, Nitronik)
    -New kind of medkit that heals 8%, can overheal and doesn't extinguish.
    - Added Crit Powerup (Game Zombie, Nitronik)
    - Deathmatch effects (FissionMetroid101)
    - Added default sprays (Nassimo, Snowshoe)
    - Added grunting (Stachekip)
    - Added DM_Ravine (Valve, Snowshoe), DM_Offblast (Valve, MacD11, iiboharz), DM_2fort (Valve, iiboharz), DM_Lumberyard (MacD11, Valve), DM_Wiseau (MacD11)
    - Added High-poly Weapons (Game Zombie)
    - Updated injury decals (OneFourth)
    - Updated some map props (Game Zombie, Hecates)
    - Updated HWM Models (Game Zombie)
    - Updated FGD
    - Added A Boojum Snark's Team Fortress 2 Mapping Resource Pack (
    - Added ForceReset input on item_teamflag
    - Added func_respawnflag
    - Added support for v models, c models, and L4D viewmodels (Danielmm8888, Nicknine)
    - Current viewmodels default to the L4D system (Game Zombie)
    - Fixed VM animation bug (Danielmm8888)
    - Fixed viewmodel prediction errors when switching to thirdperson and back
    -Spy can refill cloak via ammo packs and resupply lockers.
    -Stickybombs can be destroyed by bullets and melee hits.
    -Tranquilizer Gun projectile no longer has random spread.
    -Hunting Rifle now can headshot, buffed fire rate from 1.0s to 0.7s.
    -Medic regeneration amount buffed from 1-3 per second to 3-6 per second.
    -Reduced Soldier's maximum rocket reserve ammo from 36 to 20.
    -Reduced Demoman's maximum Grenade Launcher reserve ammo from 30 to 16.
    -Reduced Demoman's maximum Sticky bomb launcher reserve ammo from 40 to 24.
    -Buffed Flamethrower minimum damage from 25% to 60%.
    -Buffed Heavy's move speed while spun-up from 80HU/s to 110HU/s.
    -Fixed health amounts above 150% causing flashing HUD health icon to grow indefinitely large.
    BUG AND CODE FIXES (Danielmm8888, MrModez, Nicknine)
    - Disabled Civilian and Mercenary from normal play
    - Ported TF2 flag effects
    - Fixed autobalance bug
    - Set tf_damage_disablespread to 1 by default
    - Added ammo kit dropping on player death from live tf2
    - Implemented disguise weapon switching
    - Added avatars to target ID's (Snowshoe)
    - Added cl_autoreload (deafults to 1)
    - Ported various spy teleporter behavior from live tf2
    - Spies can now take enemy teleporters
    - Added tf_teamtalk from live tf2
    - Telefrags credit the teleporting player
    - Added tf2c_falldamage_disablespread
    - Reduced cloak restoring from dropped weapons to 25%
    - Reload key switches disguises
    - Fixed spies seeing health of cloaked enemy spies
    - Reduced sticky damage rampup to 125%
    - Added the live tf2 crosshair system (only accesible through the old options menu)
    - Fixed metal amount dropped by killed players
    - Fixed crit multiplier
    - Improved tf_weapon_criticals cvar handling
    - tf_ammo_pack gives fixed metal amount
    - Fixed Target ID avatars for buildings
    - Added jointeam_nokill cheat command
    - Made melee weapons use ACT_VM_SWINGHARD when they're about to crit
    - Fixed sapper draw animation
    - Fixed sapper/toolbox viewmodel
    - Grenades do full damage on direct hit
    - Fixed incorrect client side nail trajectory
    - Fixed incorrect tranq dart trajectory
    - Remove all projectiles on team change
    - sv_alltalk affects text chat
    - Fixed not being able to join spectators in DM
    - Ubercharge does not protect from telefrags
    - Fixed decal limit setting to 0
    - Added invis proxy from live tf2
    - Fixed collision in DM
    - Reduced sticky damage rampup to 125%
    - Healthkits cure negative effects even if overhealed
    - Fixed spies seeing health of cloaked enemy spies
    - Added ForceReset input on item_teamflag
    - Fixed point_servercommand exploit

    - Updated GameInfo.txt
    - Updated localization files
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