The "Help Me!" Mapping Thread

Discussion in 'Maps' started by Berry, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. Berry

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    For any issues regarding TF2C mapping.

    FAQ / Solutions
    Cubemaps won't build!
    Several people have had this issue before, what you need to do is write these lines into the console after starting up TF2C:
    <pre class="CodeBlock">
    mat_specular 0
    mat_hdr_level 0
    map yourmap
    mat_hdr_level 2
    map yourmap
    mat_specular 1
    map background01
    map yourmap

    Use -hijack
    Using -hijack in your games launch parameters (within hammer) makes hammer search for a running copy of the game to use and change its level to the map you're working on. This saves you entering a console command to reload the map every time!
  2. TheSiphon

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    Will the other way from normal TF2 work ?-map "map name"
    <div>-mat_specular 0-buildcubemaps</div>-mat_specular 1-disconnect-sv_cheats 1-mat_reloadallmaterials-sv_cheats 0
  3. Yoshiatom

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    I can't seem to get a four team map working correctly, everything works but it still shows the RED/BLU team select, rather than the 4 team one. Any ideas?
  4. MaartenS11

    MaartenS11 Well-Known Member

    Use a gamerule entity and set it to four teams
  5. NSNP

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    In Hammer, all TF2 assets are unavailable. I've set up Hammer correctly, but I cannot find any textures for TF2, and all models appear as ERRORs. I get an error when I start up Hammer, saying "Invalid game "[game path]\common\teamfortress 2\tf" found in VPROJECT environment variable, ignoring.". Is there a solution for this?

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