[Story Progression] 1.1: The Vanished

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  1. Statboy

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    Days begin to stack up, and weeks start ticking off the calender. Yet no-one's enthusiasm has been dampened. Spirits are high as The Peregrine pushes ever closer to Ancorato Island.

    Over the course of the trip you will have ample opportunity to speak with the other colonist's. Please find 1-3 NPC's on the boat to RP with. Please make one post were your PC speaks with however many he or she selects. This represents a few of the meaningful conversations you will have over the course of the trip. Remember to use a readable blue for anything spoken by your PC. After six weeks it will be assumed you have been introduced to everybody, so for now just find some PC's that look fun to introduce yourself too. Starting Sunday 6/28 you will be expected to check the forums at least once a day and make a post.
  2. theLumberJack

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    Maura seeks out the prow of the ship, the best spot to gaze upon the waves and feel the wind. Finding the spot occupied, she introduces herself to Lyra and Perrel.

    Isn't the view wonderful? The other day I saw some dolphins swimming along the bow. Oh sorry, I forget myself! I'm Maura. Nice to meet you! I am deaf, so I have to lipread.
  3. VintagePC

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    Eko wanders up on deck and spies Maura at the bow of the ship. He ambles over, taking in the view and the air.

    I must say I'm glad you suggested this trip. It's good to get away from reading other people's stuffy tomes and perhaps getting a chance to write one of my own that others will study one day.

    Who are your new friends?
  4. Srekcins

    Srekcins Well-Known Member

    Looks up from her book join hearing other people conversing, puts it away and approaches the others.

    Hello, there. I'm Variel, the one who enjoys reading those "stuffy tomes". Varies says, smiling.
  5. VintagePC

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    Don't get me wrong, I do too - but at least for me there's only so much I can take before I'm bitten by an urge to write one of my own instead. Perhaps someday I will, and I can hope it will be interesting enough that you might read it.
  6. Statboy

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    To Maura, Eko, and Variel (1/2):
    As you approach you see two women. Perrell Beys a short and thin human woman in her thirties, she has short cropped red hair. One hand grasp's the railing firmly so as not to fall overboard. Lyra Heatherly is a younger half-elf woman, with strawberry blonde hair, average height but slender with turquoise eyes and a lopsided smile. She is sitting on the thin ledge of decking outside the railing with both feet dangling out over the front of the boat. You catch the end of their conversation as you approach.

    Lyra I think you are being foolish, you could fall overboard and don't think I'm going to jump in and rescue you.
    Lyra leaps up on the railing walking down it like a balance beam and attempts to somersault over Perrell.

    !roll 1d20+3 acrobatics checks
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  7. Alkonost

    Alkonost Not a Noob

    Alkonost scales the stairs from the hold to the main deck, again appreciating the pitch and roll of the sea. “Not just any ocean,” he reminded himself “the last one I’ll ever need to cross— finally heading home.” His nocturnal eyes reflexively winced at the midday sun glinting off the blue Arcadian water. Accustomed to the stares that greet his entrance to virtually anywhere, he notices a particularly probing glare from a man dressed in heavily worn robes similar to his own. He crosses the deck toward Trundlebrook, returning his fixed look before regarding the ocean again, slightly bowing as he approaches. "Such calm sailing bodes well for our journey, friend. I am Alkonost."
  8. Statboy

    Statboy Resident Cueball

    !roll 1d20+3 acrobatics check, again
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    1d20+3 acrobatics check, again: 7

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  10. Statboy

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    To Maura, Eko, and Variel (2/2):
    Lyra stumbles on the landing, slipping and falling off the railing, but landing ship side rather than water side.

    : You don't have any fun, besides I'm lucky, I would never fall into the ocean, unless a handsome Merfolk were there to rescue me. She looks up at the visitors approaching. Greetings to you as well, I'm Lyra, the colonies Surveyor and Naturalist, I make the maps, when Perrell doesn't redraw them, as well as study the local flora and search for ruins. Don't mind my scared colleague she would rather sit in a chair reading those dusty tomes than be out writing them, with me.

    Perrell: sniff's a little indigently
    I wouldn't have to redraw your maps if you could draw like a professional to begin with. Turning to the new comers I am Perrell Beys the official Azlanti Scholar of this expedition and chronicler of our maps and logbooks. She puts extra emphasis on the word "official" as if daring anyone to challenge her as a scholar. It is nice to see we have a few people of sense. She address's Variel, speaking in Azlanti I understand you have studied some Azlanti as well, perhaps you could join me in the study of any ruins that Lyra happens to find, using her luck as her guide no doubt. Returning to speaking common I do hope we find some Azlanti Ruins on this trip. Just think of all the discoveries that could be made. Mouthing without sound for Maura's benefit. Please help keep Lyra safe on her little trips, I'm afraid I'm of no use in the wilderness.
  11. Statboy

    Statboy Resident Cueball

    To Alkonost:
    You approach two of the most physically different people on the ship having a conversation. Faedwyr Trundlebrook looks to be little more than a human beggar at first glance, that is until you look closer and see the dirt under his nails and calluses on his hand that mark him for a farmer. He slumps trying to appear small, even while standing. Frel Tanboor on the other hand is a quite handsome half-elf, for someone with only one eye. He leans against the mast with the confidence that Faedwyr is so obviously missing. You can't make out what Faedwyr is quietly mumbling, but Frel's voice, while not a shout, carries easily.

    Come now Faedwyr many of the women here would be happy to settle down for a night or two with a hard working farmer. Just speak up and stop studdering and you'll be a hit. Why I've already visited Machi's quarters for a night and tonight I'm having dinner with Gaege, after her children are asleep of course.

    Upon spotting the odd looking bird, Faedwyr shrinks a little smaller and nods a greeting, while Frel raises the glass he was sipping from.

    Hail friend, come enjoy the sun and good weather while it's here, for it may not be so fair tomorrow.

    Faedwyr: Indeed, if I had crops in the ground I would like to see some rain, but I suppose this is a good as sailing weather is going to get. Having maintained eye contact during that greeting, Faedwyr goes back looking at the ground. I've never met one of your type before, I hope you like carrots, lettuce, and corn. I'll also be growing some wheat, never met a species that didn't eat bread, seems like a good crop to grow. His voice slowly trails off, seemingly unsure of how to finish talking.

    A chimpanzee scrambles down from mast that you didn't see at first and leaps onto Frel's shoulder.

    You must be friendly if Potoooooooo (he pronounces it Pot-8-O's) wants to come down and visit. He's friendly enough but tends to be shy of new people. Go ahead and give him a scratch.
  12. Alkonost

    Alkonost Not a Noob

    Alkonost inclines his head towards the men (and monkey), drawing his taloned hands together in front of his breast in an Anjali-esque prayer. "I am happy to receive what good earth and hard work brings, please let me know if you need help in turning your fields. I find myself most in my... self with the simple peace found through labor."

    Swiveling his head towards the recently arrived Potoooooooo
    , he plucks a small morsel of a trail ration from his pack and offers it in his open palm. "Here friend, eat."

    He looks up at the main mast that the monkey had descended, returning his gaze to the horizon before settling on a knot of inhuman silhouettes on the forecastle, taking note of their presence. Alkonost unfortunately knows the importance of camaraderie with those who look differently in the face of human fear, especially aboard ships. Noticing Faedwyr's timidity, he turned to Frel stiltedly squawking

    "You seem comfortable on the waves, what brings you on this journey?"
  13. Kiryu

    Kiryu Well-Known Member

    Kiryu prepares a pot of coffee to use that as an icebreaker before each encounter.

    He heads under the ship and decides to approach Kalcora Weems.

    Greeting, I wanted go around and talk to the people on this grand voyage. I would like to share a cup of coffee and hear about how you came to be here, if you don't mind. The name is Kiryu.

    Kiryu approaches Palodina Orbonth during breakfast.

    Good morning, care for some coffee? If you don't find, I would like to hear your story. What brings you to this expedition?

    Despite his expression, Kiryu takes a risk and approaches Kurvis Nurpico.

    You look like you could use a friendly ear. How about a nice cup of coffee, and you can tell me whats on your mind?
  14. VintagePC

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    Eko scribbles a few notes and wanders over to Luetin, parchment and pen still out.

    What brings you on this voyage? Do you hope to find anything special? I am Eko - I hope to compile a tome about this journey for our descendants, if you don't mind me writing of you.
  15. Srekcins

    Srekcins Well-Known Member

    "Anything special" is one way to put it. Variel looks in the direction of travel and her eyes appear to gaze at something beyond the horizon. Hopefully, I can find it there... Variel shakes his head as if to clear away whatever vestiges of thought were crossing her mind and bring her train of thought back to the present.

    I'm sorry. I actually fancy myself as a bit of a scholar. Variel turns in Perrel's direction and begins speaking Azlanti. I hope that we find some ruins as well. Seeing the history in person is much more fascinating than reading about it in a book, no matter how well written. Variel returns to face Eko. I hope to find knowledge and closure on a personal matter. How about yourself? What brings you on this expedition?
  16. Statboy

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    Frel: Potoooooooo reaches for the dried fruit in the trail rations and eats it happily. Well I'm a trapper by trade, I like being out in the wilderness. That is my official stance that got me onto this expedition. The truth is I ran out of welcome in the last village. A few to many of my nightly visit's were to women who's men couldn't take a little competition. I decided that I needed some fresh air, in a different location, you know for my health. You seem to have the walk of a man walking away from trouble as well. Dont' worry I won't ask what her name was, but I hope she was worth it.

    1) You come upon two rougher looking women. Kalcora Weems, a halfling woman with a large number of scars on her face and arms, and Machi Valenth a Half-Orc woman with tattoo's covering her arms and poking up from her shirt going up her neck. Machi has clearly been crying but at your approach she takes her leave.

    Hello, and yes I would love some coffee, havn't had any since we left Andoran. Don't mind Machi, she was supposed to be here with her husband, but he left her at the alter a month before we set sail. Can you believe it, the nerve of him. As for me, there's not much to say you can probably tell by my accent that I'm not from Andoran, I am originally from Cheliax. By from Cheliax I mean, I was a slave. I was freed by an Andoran militia, I had just been sold to an Osirian noble, and was loaded onto a ship with several dozen other slaves bound for Osiria. Well the Andoran's they don't take well to slavers, have orders to board every slave ship they see, lucky for me my ship was spotted by the Andoran's. I was brought back to Andoran and have been looking for a place to settle down since then. The further from Cheliax the better for me. Tell me about yourself, how does a Wayang end up on a ship, I thought your people lived underground?

    2) You approach Palodina Orbonth, as she is sitting in the forecastle eating one morning. She see's you approach, as her eyes are always scanning the room. She takes the coffee you offer without a word and chugs it quickly, wiping her mouth on her sleeve. Palodina is a human, she has a large nose and long black hair.

    Thank you for the coffee. She stares at you for several minutes. When suddenly her expression softens. Bah, its been too long since I've lived in polite society, I shouldn't look for enemies where I have none. I'm here to get a fresh start, get away from some bad choices I've made and paid for. And I do appreciate the kindness you just showed me. I've taken up rope making, not too bad at it either, good enough to get me work at the colony. So if your ever in need of a good stout rope, I'm your girl, I guess. Palodina seems uncomfortable talking to much and goes back into silence finishing her meal, she thanks you again for the coffee and heads back below deck to her cabin.

    3) Kurvis Nurpico is a middle aged human dressed in black robes and a perpetual scowl, he keeps his grey hair cut short, and has a holy symbol of Abadar around his neck. Though he appears inconvenienced by your approach, he speaks to you kindly.

    I would never say no to a little coffee. Though its usually me offering someone a drink and asking what's on their mind. I am Father Kurvis, one of the many servants of Abadar. If your ever in need, I do sell scrolls and healing at a reasonable price.

    At that point another man, younger looking and a half-elf beside, dressed in green robes and displaying the holy symbol of Erastil comes and sits down next to you both. He has a broad infectious smile and striking violet eyes. At the approach of this new person Father Kurvis's face softens and he smiles, for a fraction of second.

    Father grouse, I see you've been making new friends, how uncharacteristic of you. Eamon extends a hand to you. Father Eamon Caranth of the church of Erastil at your service.

    Kurvis: Father easy, I had thought, for a moment, that perhaps you put him up to bringing me coffee. Apparently I'm not as terrifying to look upon as I used to be. Perhaps as I get older, I'm simply becoming more distinguished. You on the other hand, still look a teenager without a care in the world.

    Eamon: That is only because I have you as my friend, who worries enough for the both of us. Kiryu, would like to join us in a game of cards? Father grouse and I don't play for money, he hates to lose his, and I have little need of money. We simply play to test our wills against each other, and for the good company.

    You approach Luetin Calewick, a balding human, with dark hair on the sides and back of his head. He wears a tight fitting chain shirt that accentuates his husky, well muscled frame. He is leaning against the railing watching Anya, across the deck.

    Pull your nose out of that book there's something special happening right now. Luetin directs your attention to Anya who is shooting arrows with a rope tied to it, in hopes of catching fish. She is currently pulling a fish up, and bends deeply over the railing to grab a hold of the fish and pull it up. Tell me that's not the most spectacular view you've ever seen in your life, book boy. When you write about this, mark this moment as the beginning of the Clan Calewick, the strongest house with the strongest son's and most beautiful daughters. Our boys will be blacksmiths like me, and our daughters will be feared and wanted by all the men of the Island. He slaps you hard on your back and laughs boisterously enough to get Anya's attention. He pulls out a flask and offers it to you. Come have a drink with me, you look like a good strong lad, but your attention is in the wrong place. Perhaps we can find a woman for you as well. He wraps his large arms around your shoulders and begins to sing a drinking a song, loudly and off key.
  17. Alkonost

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    Experience has taught Alkonost that discussing his vow of celibacy with rough men generally stops the conversation dead in its tracks, and for a moment he considered that as an exit. Instead opting to shrug suggestively and hope the nonanswer encourages Frel fills in whatever sordid detail he'd like. "Many reasons to travel, but I hope I never meet a woman who I'd need to flee across a whole ocean." Alkonost swiveled his head towards the poop deck, noticing the lone, older man who stands searching the sea, turning back to the men + potoooooooo.

    "Good meeting you both, perhaps we'll hunt together. Here is a bit more dried fruit, little one. I prefer the seed I carry to it anyhow." Alkonost forms a similar tent with his hands before bobbing off towards the stern. He approaches Carver Hastings with a cursory bow as before.

    "Not many men choose the sternward view, and it seems aboard this ship most are hoping to never look to their wake. I'm Alkonost."

    Would love to roll some sense motive on Frel and Faedwyr (just getting general vibe of them).

    !roll 1d20+11 frel

    !roll 1d20+11 faedwyr
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    1d20+11 frel: 6

    1d20+11 faedwyr:[/b] 4

    For: Alkonost Re: #16
  19. Alkonost

    Alkonost Not a Noob

    ?? that doesn't seem right. unless those numbers are without the modifier? If so, than please disregard my second attempt

    !roll 1d20+11 #frel

    !roll 1d20+11 #faedwyr
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    frel: 16

    faedwyr: 30

    For: Alkonost Re: #17
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    Those rolls don't seem to add up... I wonder if the bold is throwing it for a loop. (3rd party plugin)
    I'd suggest always rolling with the "?" modifier so you get verbose roll

    !roll 1d20+10? #example
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    example: 26 = [16] + 10

    For: VintagePC Re: #18
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    Oh - I see it now, your syntax was missing the # before the label, so it didn't understand the + part as a number to add, you just got the base D20
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  24. Statboy

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    I'm finding that the roller in forum cannot have any formatting (like bold, italic, color), I suggest switching to BB editor and removing all formatting, and make sure the roll command is on a new clean line. Since it rolled, I'm using the first rolls, but adding the correct modifiers to them. So 17 and 15 are the results that I'll be using.

    Alkonost: You sense no deception from Faedwyr or Frel. To the best of your knowledge they are what they appear to be.
    Carver Hastings stands near the back of the ship surveying the ship and people aboard it. He has an average build with short wavy brown hair. He is dressed in the breastplate of a colony soldier, with a longsword on his hip.

    I find I prefer this area. Nobody can sneak up on you if nobody can get behind you. Saying no more he returns to looking across the ship and surveying the people.
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