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Discussion in 'Archive' started by onefourth, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. onefourth

    onefourth Achievement Hunter Staff Member TF2C Admin

    We have released an update to Team Fortress 2 Classic. To update, navigate to the root folder of the sourcemod and run Vapor. Those who are looking for a traditional mirror can find one here.
    • Added Gunboats for both the Soldier and the Demoman
    • Changed rocket jumping behavior to behave like in live tf2 (less knockback if rocket jumping off the ground)
    • Changed explosive self-damage to always use same radius and damage amount regardless of attributes
    • Changed explosions to be actually spherical rather than square
    • Reduced attenuation of Spy cloak\decloak sounds to match live TF2
    • Renamed tf2c_legacy_weapons cvar to tf2c_force_stock_weapons
    • Added player map inputs:
    • SpeakResponseConcept
    • SetForcedTauntCam
    • IgnitePlayer
    • ExtinguishPlayer
    • Servers can now allow players to switch to over-the-shoulder third person mode
    • Server cvar tf2c_allow_thirdperson mode controls if third person mode is allowed
    • Players can use cl_thirdperson cvar to switch to third person if they're allowed to
    • Server owners can now disable individual weapons by simply editing the items_game.txt file
    • Updated Double-Barrel Shotgun model
    • Updated Poacher's Pride
    • Fixed Poacher's Pride doing full damage on headshot
    • Updated description
    • Removed Scout's SMG
    • Temporarily disabled the Overhealer
    • Raised DM overheal drain time to 30 seconds (from 20)
    • Fixed client crashing if player disconnects while crit boosted
    • Fixed a client crash related to chat in Deathmatch
    • Fixed Kritzkrieg sound getting stuck on if player respawns while crit boosted-
    • Fixed damage numbers showing "damage" done to invincible players
    • Fixed rockets and flares not being removed on team change
    • Fixed players being able to taunt while cloaked
    • Fixed CTF HUD
    • Fixed sentries targeting payload carts
    • Fixed exploit related to hauling allowing players to build multiple buildings of the same type
    • Re-added player count to 2 team scoreboard
    • Raised FOV limit to 100 for real this time
    • Fixed taunt attacks completing even if taunt is interrupted
    • Fixed some taunt attacks hitting players through walls
    • Fixed a certain facestab case
    • Projectiles now fire from the proper side if the viewmodel is flipped
    • Added server tags for certain convars
  2. chowder908

    chowder908 Well-Known Member

    Sweet can't wait tell I get off work to start playing.


    Good job on this update, and I'm really loving Vapor!
  4. [o.W.n.] Telep0rter

    [o.W.n.] Telep0rter Not a Noob

    When the civilian will have weapons?
  5. Chiruliru

    Chiruliru Noob

    Was removing Scout's SMG necessary? What's the real reason behind it?
  6. onefourth

    onefourth Achievement Hunter Staff Member TF2C Admin

    it was an accurate long range harasser that was put into the slot that normally contains a mid range harasser. this was especially problematic when you consider the scout's other weapon, the nailgun is ALSO a mid range harasser. It let scout engage enemies effectively from far away, something he shouldn't be able to do
  7. Chiruliru

    Chiruliru Noob

    But removing a weapon completely isn't the way to address the issue. Specially when it comes to Team Fortress 2 Classic, and what the community hopes to see from this mod. With that in mind let's remove the Poacher's Pride because it can easily one shot every class except for Soldier and Heavy) but has another chance to headshot and finish off said exceptions. It's OP for players that play brilliantly with sniper, and even less skilled players can try their luck out.
    But I digress. Scout's SMG should have been balanced instead. Scout is my main class, and I completely understand your point. It had nearly no spread, I could accurately hit enemies at almost any distance with over 200 ping. It's ridiculous that the pistol has less ammo and more spread than the scout's SMG (even compared to the Sniper SMG) The Scout's SMG total damage output far exceeded the Pistol's too.
    Sniper's SMG - Scout's SMG - Pistol

    Was it broken? Again, as a Scout player I can tell you it was. I had people flaming me on servers because of it. But I don't think this is the correct way to address the issue. Keep removing what you brought with this mod and adding balances that match the live TF2 and I ask myself if I really want to continue play this mod, when I can play the actual TF2. Heck, even the rocket jumping is now the same as live TF2. TF2C should diverge from live TF2, not converge.
    That was the whole excitement for this mod - the new weapons and the ones from the beta TF2 back in 2007 and how the in-game physics were, etc.

    Still, I have to congratulate you for this great mod. Specially for DM and 4Teams vs. But if changes like these keep happening, then I don't see the point for playing this anymore.
  8. Trotim

    Trotim Well-Known Member

    Pistol, SMG and Nailgun simply had too much overlap. SMG on top of that was the best option of the 3 in too many cases. Nailgun is similar but more interesting a variant.

    We have a team member that shares your pain. Ultimately we felt removing it was the better choice. We might find a better way to implement it in the future.

    What in particular did you find fun about the Scout SMG?
  9. Habber

    Habber Noob


    I know you weren't asking me, but what I found fun about the SMG was that it was reliable. I understand the pistol's spread is there to reduce its ranged effectiveness (a problem with the scout sten) but it made it feel like it was my fault for missing. On the default pistol its spread is wider than that of the sniper SMG and spy revolver, and it just feels like I'm shooting a random number generator more than a gun even at mid range. So I have an... odd request.

    Since the scout used the SMG in some beta versions of the game, instead of the sten can we just literally give scout the sniper SMG? Maybe even as a default weapon? It's less powerful, but more reliable at the range where you would actually consider using a pistol as scout.
  10. Chiruliru

    Chiruliru Noob

    @Trotim Other than what I already mentioned in my previous post, it's basically that it's a new secondary weapon for Scout other than useless pistols and drinks like in live TF2. I pretty much enjoy a basic concept of having a weapon with more clip size, but as a downside deals less damage per shot.
    The real issue is just that it dealt too much damage per shot and its high accuracy. Nerf that and you got yourself a nice weapon.
  11. onefourth

    onefourth Achievement Hunter Staff Member TF2C Admin

    @Habber giving him sniper smg was square one
  12. Habber

    Habber Noob

    As long as the devs are in here, mind if I pick your brains? What exactly made you go from the sniper SMG to the sten? What was wrong with the SMG that made you buff it until it was an upgrade? Was it just fundamentally flawed to give scout a reliable hitscan weapon?
  13. RNHNLA

    RNHNLA Noob

    My vapor do nothing. WTF? How i'm fix this?
  14. RNHNLA

    RNHNLA Noob

    i'm just download patch, install it and my vapor update! Thx
  15. thatcat11

    thatcat11 Noob

    please bring back the scout smg.
  16. I agree with what Chiruliru's said. You shouldn't remove a weapon because its overpowered, you balance it, and it doing less damage per shot seems like it would be an okay way to try to see if it stops it from being too good.
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