A Few Quick Questions (instrument Related)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by spybait, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. spybait

    spybait Resident Touhou Expert Member from long ago...

    I recently acquired an Epi Les Paul Special II (cute little electric guitar, see here), and am now going through several different dealers (sweetwater, guitar center, etc.) to find some decent gear for it.

    So far, I have (to buy) as follows:
    I don't know if I would need anything else, outside of spare strings/things I'll buy when I'm a bit better at playing (effects pedals, etc)... Any input on those things or better things I could buy would be much appreciated.

    Noting I already have a stand, strap, and capo for it. Only use the strap when I go out though.

  2. Funk

    Funk Well-Known Member Member from long ago...

    What you describe is some basic necessities, also I would find what kind of material your fretboard is made out of in order to properly clean it. If you go a long time without cleaning it you can get string or dirt marks on your fretboard. I have an ebony fretboard and I have to use lemon oil to clean it, it isnt something that has to be done often though. Probably every 10 sets of strings I would clean it unless you play with some really dirty fingers.

    I might recommend a case instead of a gig bag, but if your strapped for cash a bag is OK as long as you are careful.

    I would also practice standing up if you plan on playing live shows that way, but thats just me.
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