A PSA on the Suggestion Box Forum - What it's for!

Discussion in 'News/Announcements' started by VintagePC, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. VintagePC

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    Thank you to everyone that helped test the suggestion box forum permissions.

    Firstly, if you don't know where to find it, , it can be found in the 'Announcements' category, direct link is here http://www.vaultf4.com/forums/the-suggestion-box.68/
    Now, What is it?
    The idea is that it will give you a place to post suggestions, comments, criticisms, complaints, or ANYTHING for review by operators. Nobody else will be able to see what you post, except for operators, so please don't hesitate to share whatever is on your mind. We will read EVERY single thing that gets posted there, and we will respond as best we can, be it that we've acknowledged your concern/comment/suggestion and are looking into it, or reasons why we might not be able to do something from a technical standpoint.

    It's also intended to be less personal/in-your-face than a PM or a steam chat with someone, and I know that some people like having privacy or anonymity in submitting these things rather than posting them in public for everyone to see.

    One concern that was brought up is that suggestions for improvement are an iterative process - they get built upon and get better. We agree; so unless there's an outstanding reason not to (or you request not to), suggestions received will be anonymized (that is, an op will paraphrase and re-post the suggestion under their own name) and opened to public discussion for improvements.

    If you have questions as to how this forum works or are unclear on something, please post below and I'll answer them as best I can.
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