After the new safe download for the game i still can't install it

Discussion in 'Help & Support' started by TheSANTIAGOCLOX, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. Now since i was using steam on my new PC i accidently install it on the Archivos de programa (Program files on spanish since i speak spanish separated) and the other programs are installed on a seperated folder called 'Program Files' with 'Program Files (x86)', now ... i don't know if this is why it happends but on my steamapps folder it doesn't apear the 'sourcemods' folder ... does it mean that i have to create it? because i did that and i followed every step including downloading the 'Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer (beta_test)', Yeah i also did the beta part where i change it from none to 'Beta_test-' ... i restarted steam a few times on each step that i made but ... it doesn't apear anywhere on the library ...

    so i don't know what is wrong .... i making a lot of mess just to get this to work but it started to become a pain.
    i am now trying something else wich is put the folder on the 'Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer' because i have a mod using another tool wich is 'Source SDK Base 2007' and the mod is on a folder of its own name in zps (Zombie Panic Source) ... i am gonna try do the same with Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer folder to see if it works

    but i am still want to see if i can get another way to do this because i became realy frustrated since the day the first TF2 Classic's public beta realese becaus this problem it happend too as well.

    also i apologize for my english since i am not so great on it

    UPDATE NOTE: I just put the folder into the 'Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer' and it didn't work so ... i dont know what to do now to make it work to make the game apear on my library .... so i would apreciate help here thanks
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