Discussion in 'Map Releases' started by Moonrat, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Moonrat

    Moonrat Noob

    An Arena map for a new age.


    arena_lexius was originally created by someone known as Cox, and was named Fablab. It had a complete artpass, but I didn't feel like finishing another Gorge map. So I remade it's brushwork to be on the grid, and I now have this map.

    Lexius has a very tight layout, pushing players to mid for one big fight to decide the round. For the off chance that any stragglers do slip away, you can quickly track them down in the small bases of each team.

    NOTE: The current available version is not detailed like the screenshot above, it has the same gameplay, but not the detail.

    Current Version: B1
  2. Moonrat

    Moonrat Noob

  3. looks good dude.
  4. rad

    rad DMC Tester DMC Tester

    looks good, boi
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