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Discussion in 'Models and Textures' started by PiTMiN, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. PiTMiN

    PiTMiN Noob

    Hi, im here purely to look at the arms race 2 weapons and see which ones should be added, only a few will be talked about! (THIS IS OPINIONS, PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU REPLY, ALL OF THESE ARE A MIX BETWEEN DEATHMATCH AND NORMAL TF2C)
    1. Cerberus (deathmatch), I like the look, its very tf2-esque, You could add this by saying that it fires 3 times as more bullets as the mini-gun but does less damage and is inaccurate
    2. Anti-Infantry shield (Normal TF2C), Its more of a space themed item, but it fits with engie, as long as theres some way to disable or destroy and it doesn't instakill, then I think it would be a fitting item for TF2C
    3. El Romance Mortal (Both), The art style on this suits tf2 fittingly, and it could be added as a reskin just like the fishwacker for sniper
    4. Lil' slugger (Both), Once again, could be added as a reskin to spice things up a bit
    5. The Silver(Both), Another space looking item, possible stats could be that it does more damage the further away you are and that the firing sound is quieter
    6. Blue Steel (Mainly deathmatch), Suits spy's different knives, maybe it could be made throwable in deathmatch but normal in normal TF2C
    7. Warfare Inforcer (Normal TF2C), Could be a reskin of the normal shotgun in TF2C or have a change such as pump after every shot etc
    8. Chain Stabber (Deathmatch), Could be a more damaging melee in deathmatch with slightly longer range
    9. Burst Beacon (Both, but more ideal for deathmatch), Perhaps a flare gun/detonator for pyro or the mercenaries
    10. Condiment cannon (Normal TF2C), A pistol for engie or scout that squirts mustard/ketchup on the enemys screen, but it does less damage
    11. 6-Point shuriken (Deathmatch), Another possible throwing weapon

    Thank you for reading, please leave your own opinions in the comments

    BOB SAGET Noob

    Just thinking deathmatch here.

    • Warfare Enforcer - longer range/less spread, slower ROF
    • The Whiplash - semi-auto, fast ROF, melee alt-fire
    • Big Mac - INSANE ROF, INSANE recoil (can TF2 do muzzle climb?)
    • The Portable Ordnance - maybe have the recoil push you back like the HL tau cannon

    Some other gun models I can see fitting into TF2's setting:

    • Single-action revolver (SAA, Colt Walker?) - alt fire cocks it manually with a long animation, high damage per shot. mashing to fan the hammer works too if dmg is low
    • Mauser pistol - auto, alt fire for bandit shooting (recoil moves the crosshair sideways)
    • De Lisle Carbine - near quiet firing sound, if you can make it so the target receives no directional hit notification that could be interesting. low damage to make it more of a harassing gun
    • SKS - semi auto, long effective range, high recoil
    • FN FAL - very low ROF, high damage, small magazine size (Other models I can see for this the BAR, some AK derivative or a Korobov if you want to be crazy)
    • Obrez of Bolt Action - high damage + burn effect, inflict self damage due to breaking your arm and eardrums

    Another thing few games do but is always fun is dual wielding where left and right click fires the guns seperately, though I can see that being more trouble than it's worth.
  3. Trotim

    Trotim Well-Known Member

    We've been busy with other things but will get to experiment with more custom weapons again soon I hope. Thanks for the reminder - Arms Race 2 was so long ago I almost forgot how many good ones there were!

    In general we're not looking for reskins. We also have many bullet weapons and their gameplay roles already have considerable overlap. That means we'd prefer adding less conventional items (like a Harpoon Gun).
    Problem is some models (e.g. Shuriken, Chain Stabber, Condiment Cannon) go too far. Pretty sure our art lead would complain.

    That said, thank you, some of the mechanics mentioned are really cool (sideways recoil, self-knockback, no hit indicators...)

    BOB SAGET Noob

    Yeah, if you're going to do all the work for a new weapon it should have a distinct gameplay purpose. I also agree that keeping the artstyle intact is important, so I tried to think of models that fit the time period while allowing for some more interesting mechanics (sideways recoil was actually a technique people used for the automatic mausers). And I suggested an Obrez because it's in literally no game ever ;_;

    The Tesla Coil and Moon Shot could have some Quake/UT-like projectiles, but I didn't include them in my list because they're just too out there. Have you guys considered something like claymores/landmines or remote explosives? They probably take little animation work but can add another layer of gameplay.
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