Artemis: The best "non Star Trek" Star Trek game

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by lonesome killer, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    Artemis is a spaceship bridge simulator. It is 6 players and only coop mode. The captain only gets to see an info screen that the other 5 give him. There's not a lot of info if this game has online, or if if you'll have to use Hamachi to play online .

    Who wants to play? There's a Steam group with lots of fans of the games that set up play dates.

  2. Reechard

    Reechard Server Admin VF4-S (Server Operator) Minecraft Operator Staff Member Minecraft Admin

    If you have 5 people and 5 computers/androids stuff all in 1 room, it's SOOOOOO fun to play this. I've played it for 2 or 3 hours straight with other people, and you can keep switching positions/jobs and then you have more and more stuff to do.

    If you liked this and want a lighter mood game that's less hassle to set up, you can get 3 or 4 people to sit down with their phones/tablets and play "Space Team". It's free on Android and iOS and is cross-platform.
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