[EXPIRED] Awesome Skyrim Legendary Edition sale

Discussion in 'Great Deals' started by Nightshde, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Nightshde

    Nightshde Graphic Designer Forum Operator VF4-A (Admin) Staff Member

    Gamefly is having a great sale on Bethesda games including the new Skyrim Legendary Edition which includes all the DLC. Along with that there is also a coupon [GFDJUL20] that you can use to get even more off so it should come out be about $31.

    Get the game here.

    The great thing is that it activates through steam so you don't have to deal with gamefly's version of steam.
  2. English

    English Global Mod

    God damnit... I bought all the DLC and the game for $50 like 2 weeks ago...
  3. DCBSupafly

    DCBSupafly Well-Known Member

    If 'great' is your way of saying 'equally bad and mod-hating but slightly more functional' then I'll agree.
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  4. SoL DarkLord


    Actually the Steam version isn't mod hating. Workshop, and even the Creation Kit is through steam. Sure there are no large mods(Limit is 2 GBs) but it's just as easy to install them from the Nexus, with their mod manager.
  5. CorruptDictator

    CorruptDictator I want a custom title, but I dont trust VintagePC

    I have never had an issue installing a mod on a Steam game.
  6. DCBSupafly

    DCBSupafly Well-Known Member

    If Steam detects an out-of-date install or a modified ini, it overwrites it. That means
    1) when a patch comes out you must either wait for mod patches or risk invalidating saved games and losing content
    2) archive invalidation fails hard, so esp mods work, but any changes to bsa content fail

    If you are just adding a cool sword to your game, steam is fine, but if you want to do any serious modding Steam will break your game. The nexus mod manager is good, but doesn't have anything to do with Steam or how bad it ruins mods. I have just started using mod organizer, which still integrates with NMM nexus links, so that's nice.

    I can't speak for workshop. Civ5 is the only game where I tried the workshop. It worked Okay, but the in-game interface was not good, so I still prefer doing it myself, like with Civ4, but I can't blame Steam for that one. I have never successfully modded a Steam game (and had it still work after the next patch) and I have successfully modded TES3,4,5 and all modern Fallouts without it.
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