Beta 2.0 Not apearing for me

Discussion in 'Help & Support' started by Clox, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. Clox

    Clox Noob

    This is the first time i am about to play this mod but .... i can't play itI did everything that the Install page told me to do including:
    Download the client > Extracted everything on the folder 'tf2classic' > Locate the sourcemods folder ... and put the folder there (wich btw i created the sourcemods folder since i don't have the sourcemods folder on steamapps)Then i installed Source SDK 2013 Base Multiplayer, it also got updated, clicked the betas tab and put the 'Upcoming-' option, closed, restarted steam and it doesn't apear anywhere ...I don't know what am i doing wrong, is it because i am suppost to do something related to the mod? like i said this is the first time i wanna try this mod, especialy since its a Team fortress 2 one
    Also i apologize for my english i am from a americanlatin country.
  2. Daddy_Bonk

    Daddy_Bonk Noob

    i did too!
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