[FoF] Big Update: new Team Elimination mode, portable whiskey jug, classic RobertLee 12 slots...

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    Don't miss out latest update, already available. It brings quite a few new features, some important fixes and... whiskey.

    New game mode Team Elimination
    Check out our new Team Elimination game mode. Each team must kill all other enemy players at least once to win the round. Survivors are identified by a dollar sign at their feet. The outline effect is used to highlight your surviving teammates and enemy's position from time to time. Team tactics and teamplay plus a gameplay similar to 2T Shootout.


    Portable whiskey jug and killcam for Break Bad
    Pass the whiskey? Now you can! Your dream of becoming bartender is possible. Whiskey jug is granted at special zones as you can see and then requires some time to refill. Don't ask how, our whiskey is yellow and made from natural substances though.

    Also, we hope you enjoy our new kill cam, if you don't it can be disabled in Options/multiplayer/advanced!


    Classic fof_robertlee improved and converted to 12 slots map
    I know some of you really liked old version of this map, so here's another version for 12 slot servers that takes the classic layout and gets lots of improvements and optimization from latest robertlee. There's no docks though but I bet this one will run fine in whatever computer you may throw at it.

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