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    I'm not sure how relevant iOS games are for the VaultF4 community, but I had to share this one.

    Square Enix is asking $6.99 for Bloodmasque. It's a swipe to attack and swipe to dodge game, whatever we're calling those. It's fluid, polished, and super-generic.


    In Bloodmasque you play a human (with vampire blood but not a vampire) hunter who must finger swipe day and night until the last of the Vampires is kicked out of France. Nothing about it is particularly bad, but the interactions are very superficial. Yellow exclamation marks around town can be clicked on (unless your avatar is standing in the way) to find gold and stuff. Blue exclamation marks can be clicked on for flavor text. The pretty 3D world of France can be walked around in, but looking around isn't even fun since you will probably just end up walking by accident. There's a bunch of numbers before each mission that add depth if you want them to, or you can ignore them and grind.

    So why buy it? It's not because of the super SEO-ready title. Or the heavy dependency on a trite story. Or even the pseudo-social ability to use other players' AI-driven avatars in your missions.

    It's because BloodMasque lets you take photos of yourself and put them on your avatar's head.
    You can choose to use any of the ready-bake avatars or you can splat your own photos onto the game's meshes for three different facial expressions:​
    Casual, in which our hero finally gets to raise just one eyebrow
    see the fingers?

    Pleased, which is this face you make when your posse is finished doing the deed:

    and Angry, which is what you are when you're about to stake the fiend, and also a lot of the rest of the time:

    The possibilities are endless. I mean there's really no limit to what you can do. I believe it's just a matter of time before a congressman loses face (hehe) because of a naughty Bloodmasque avatar.

    Final thoughts: Why this game even bothers to have equipable masks and hats is beyond me.
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    OMG this is what I see when I look at your "pleased" face

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