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    Welcome to Ravengro a town built originally to provide support for the notorious prison known as Harrowstone, but which today endures as a self sufficient farming community with more than its fair share of secrets. You are all here because you have been invited by Kendra Lorrimor to be present at the reading of her father Professor Petros Lorrimor's Last Will and Testament. While you may come for just a funeral, you will soon find that things are not as they seem in the small town.

    Our adventure starts with our adventurers arriving at the cemetery escorting the body of their beloved friend and mentor to his final resting place...


    Game Description:

    This game will be a play through of the Carrion Crown adventure path. The first chapter is called the Haunting of Harrowstone. I recommend getting the Player's Guide for the Carrion Crown adventure path. It has a lot of useful information that will help with your character creation.

    Character Creation:
    25 Point Buy
    Starting Level - 1
    Races - All Official Paizo races are allowed. Please note, that Ustalav is a racist and suspicious country, especially so outside of the main metropolis. It is predominantly populated by Humans. Other races are going to have a very tough time, especially in this first module. You are more than welcome to make any official race, but you have been warned.
    HP - Max HP at level 1
    Wealth - Max wealth for your class at level 1
    Traits - 2 Traits/0 Drawbacks or 3 Traits / 1 Drawback. One trait must be a campaign trait
    Skills - We will be utilizing background skills variant rule. Check here for more details

    Be courteous; No asshats
    Minimum 2 posts a day; If you do not post for 2 days I will step in and post something for your character to keep the story moving.
    I am the GM I am here to give you a fun experience and I will listen to your arguments on rules. However once I have made the final decision on something, let us move on.

    If you have questions, just ask!
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    do people still post interest?
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    I mean really if people have interest just post a character
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