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  1. Statboy

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    Once you have your character made, please post an introduction of him here.
  2. Statboy

    Statboy Resident Cueball

    Timecrush- Halfling Cavalier with a Wolf. Halfling is Ranged, Wolf is an AC Tank
    Vintage- Half-elf Ranger. Two handed swing through the DR power with a Nodachi and power attack

    We'll let you two come up with backstories, how they look, etc.
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  3. VintagePC

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    neat. Is there a R20 link somewhere already?
  4. Splyons1993

    Splyons1993 Well-Known Member

    Here's the intro for my Tiefling Bloodrager.

    Callidus is a Tiefling warrior who was- until recently- under the employ of one Ates Olum, who just as recently ran out of coin to pay
    him. Having signed on to the posting with the understanding that he would be under contract- and therefore consistently paid- for around
    a year (and having only spent a few months under Ates' employ), Callidus understandably has a fair bit of disdain for his pompous and
    now destitute former employer. Having spent 30 of the golden years of his life as a mercenary in central Golarion after being
    deposited (rather rudely, i might add) in the Hellmouth Gulf by his captors-turned-crewmates after displaying his more... unique properties
    in a confrontation with an immense, twelve-limbed Devilfish- Callidus is not exactly unfamiliar with poverty. He will, however, take any
    opportunity available to make sure that he has coin enough to live as comfortably as possible (preferably with a large cask of mead nearby).
    Callidus has a rather hefty disdain for conventional religions, if not the deities who are worshipped by them. While he respects the power
    that these individuals represent, he finds their worship distateful, and prefers his relatively simple worship (inherited from his mother)
    of a certain outwordly idiot, to whom he devotes his kills. Few around him understand the names of the deities to whom he makes his devotions,
    but the few who do are quick to take their leave, decidedly more pallid than when they arrived. Despite his rather... disturbing religious
    preferences, Callidus is a surprisingly jovial individual, and quick to make friends with those who are willing to look past his more demonic
    traits which are, to be fair, relatively minimal.
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  5. VintagePC

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    Known only by his first name, Uspensky has carefully crafted a reputation as the stereotypical mysterious ranger. None who have met him know his last name (or at least, have lived to tell about it) and nobody is surprised when he either turns up unexpectedly or vanishes without a trace. He seems to have an uncanny sense for where he is needed or if there are adventures afoot, and can almost certainly be found wherever one is brewing.

    Despite this persona, he is not feared by locals unless they have wronged him, and nor does his transient nature affect his commitments; if he agrees to partake in an adventure or aid someone in need, it is seen through to the end. In some areas, he is even well-liked for having aided a village in desperate times.

    By necessity of his travels far and wide, he is known as being rather pragmatic in his actions, and sometimes to the extreme - He has made it known to any follower that tries to sway him to their deity that their beliefs are of no interest to him; not an Atheist, per-se, but rather identifying as an agnostic - he will not begrudge people their beliefs, but simply does not care to adopt them for himself.

    It has been a while since he's had a good adventure, and this has left him feeling deeply unsatisfied as of late. There were rumours of a substantial uprising of the dead in Osirion to the southwest, but they appeared to have been greatly exaggerated - there were certainly tales of heroes and cults, but no trace of he most prominently mentioned party could be found when Uspensky set forth to join them - almost as if they vanished into thin air. Uspensky was only too pleased when he heard whispers of strange goings-on to the northwest - A place, as luck would have it, that he would be passing through. The turn of events in Osirion had left him weary of travel and planning to head north to the River kingdoms for some relaxation and a visit with old acquaintances from his past... but not too weary for a final hurrah before his well deserved rest - since adventure waits for no-one.
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  6. theLumberJack

    theLumberJack Achievement Hunter Member from long ago...

    Ateş Ölüm (A-tesh Oo-loom)*: Peri-Blooded Aasimar Wizard

    6' tall, 170 pounds. His hair and eyes are both a deep ruby red, while his skin a shade of bronze. Although 89, he doesn't appear a day over 25 for a human.

    Ateş finds himself in Heldren in rather dire straights. Quite simply, he's run out of coin and desperate for a solution for him and his rather distasteful travelling companion. Of course on the passage from Absalom to Oppara, the month there in the gilded city, and on the road to Heldren; it was his bodyguard. At least until the coin dried up.

    Things would have been going just fine in Oppara. If only it hadn't been so damned cold. Even a wizard as novice as Ateş could cast endure elements, but he just couldn't afford casting it everyday. Without that energy he wouldn't have been able to afford his bodyguard as long as he did. Callidus proved his worth on more than one occasion, making sure people paid up, scaring off the occasional vandal. Of course, there was the unfortunate matter of Callidus being a Tiefling. Which definitely brought them the wrong kind of attention if they strolled into east port.

    It was the cold that stranded them here in Heldren. At least, it was the cold that set them out on the road south to Katheer. Qadira just had to be warmer. The cold made Ateş long for the heat of the gunworks in his home of Alkenstar, which only reminded him how awful a place he came from. As if the burn marks on his forearms, or gunshot scars on his shoulder weren't enough reminders of the 30 years he spent in that darkness. It wasn't until one day he was helping deliver munitions to the shield-marshals in Skyside that he even knew of has magical inclinations. Or just how blue the sky could be.

    That was the day he knew he could not stay in Alkenstar. He could not go back to the Smokeside, away from the sky. Away from this new found magical feeling. It was also the day he learned of his inclination for the pyrotechnic. He knew he really couldn't go back to the gunworks and work kitchen duty the rest of his life for accidentally igniting the shield-marshals munitions depot.

    Ateş spent the next 20 years travelling. First up the Ustradi river to Quantium, then to Jalmeray and Katapesh. As well as some time in Sothis before settling down in Absalom. Where he was perfectly content for nearly 40 years. At least until his friends and companions grew tired of how he never seemed to age. The ones still living anyway.

    Ateş felt that he made the right choice when he hired a Tiefling bodyguard. If the coin had kept up, it could have been a very long arrangement. If only work would pick up in Heldren...

    *I don't know the actual pronunciation letter things but that's how you say it.
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  7. Teraunce Foaloke

    Teraunce Foaloke Not a Noob

    woo Happy Birthday to me. Here's hoping I'm lucky.
    Raelgil Sjachi [​IMG]
    Player: Teraunce

    Male kobold dragon disciple 8/oracle 5 - CL13 - CR 12
    Neutral Good Humanoid (Reptilian); Deity: Apsu; Age: 20;
    Height: 3'; Weight: 30 lb.; Eyes: Emerald Green; Hair: N/A;
    Skin: Silver Scaled
    Hatched in a small peaceful kobold village in the Fangwood
    Forest of Nirmanthas that was on friendly terms with its
    neighbors, he learned early on thanks to an accident that
    his touch could stabilize those dying even if it couldn't heal
    them. He also quickly learned how to get out of the way of
    bigger folks when they visited or his family visited them. I
    mean trappers and hunters are always useful especially
    when there are pelts to sell so he learned how to use a
    longbow alongside other simpler weapons. It was on a few
    of these trips he realized that he walked slower than most
    others and was strangely drawn to the water, on the other
    side of the coin during those trips he befriended his wolf
    Animal Companion. And on the trips he took to the nearby
    bigger towns to trade he discovered books in the town
    library and initially discovered the lore of Cayden Cailean
    and Erastil, both of whom tugged at his heart, but in a dusty
    forgotten corner he found a book mentioning Apsu and
    what he stood for which tugged strongest at his heart. It
    was at about this point he realized his scales were a
    different color and no other kobold in his small village had
    wings, even if his were too weak to support him. And so he
    set out to learn more about the gods as the forest and
    Erastil gave him a mystery to unlock. He also sadly at this
    time learned how most other kobolds were treated. And so
    with Erastil helping him learn about the world, Cayden
    inspiring him to be a hero, and Apsu also inspiring him that
    kobolds can be just as righteous as anyone else if given the
    chance, as after all his scales prove kobolds are also
    descended from mettalic dragons, he set out on his quest
    to spread his message.
    As for how he got to Irrisen, well that's a journey best
    explored maybe some other day but he's had his fair share
    of adventures.
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