Civilian Melees

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by BarpleBapkins115, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. I think the civilian should also get a cane as a melee. It would make sense, right? I mean, sure the umbrella is pretty neat, but default weapons get stale after some time. IF there were to be a cane weapon, here are the stats:
    +20% movement speed
    +10% damage taken
    -25% damage dealt
    Capture control points 15% faster
    When points are captured, everyone around you either gets temp minicrit or resistance buff (30 sec)

    Leave your Civilian melee idea with stats below if you think he should get some more weapons! (not too many tho)
  2. FUTURE.10S

    FUTURE.10S Noob

    Wow, that's basically a direct upgrade. It basically changes his HP from 320 to 288 and makes him deal less damage, but he's not meant to be dealing damage. In exchange, you run way faster, and you give a buff to your teammates when you cap. Capturing points 15% faster doesn't really work because of how TF2 is made.
  3. TGR16

    TGR16 Noob

    +25% faster swing speed
    +1 capture rate while active
    +75% deploy time
    -20% melee range
    15% damage penalty vs players
    10% damage penalty vs buildings
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