[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - August 12

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    Hey there! Today I'm releasing a maintenance update, expect some content focused release at the end of the month though. Here are the notes for today's patch:

    - axe not being drawn by default when player respawns
    - the player shooting at an explosive barrel does not get damage in team shootout
    - parented entities as func_brush or ropes getting removed after warm-up
    - HUD hint box being used improperly by third party plugins

    - tp_eliminator: some minor gameplay related tweaks, added extra cover at middle area, fixed end round explosion killing players sometimes

    Regarding future updates, here are some captures from our next deathmatch based map, fof_cripplecreek! This is a map coming from the mod and made
    by RedYager. He's doing the port for the Standalone version, FoF veterans should notice some changes immediately. It's smaller but tighter, offering lot more routes and some key areas to control.


    We'll be doing a playtest later today, if you wanna join us just opt into beta branch.

    Here's some info that explains how.

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