[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - December 31

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    Howdy partners, last update of 2014. I'd like to wish you a happy new year!

    - scoreboard badges: developers, contributors, league players and more...
    - golden gun skins: these are awarded to certain players during a limited amount of time, weapon stats do not change.
    - team amount selection in local game creation menu

    - Teamplay and Elimination game modes are compatible now, meaning that fof_ maps can be played along tp_ levels (by either mixing them in mapcycle_tp.txt or using changelevel command)
    - Elimination: round starts with a equipment selection stage as Teamplay, weapon drops follow fof_sv_weapon_drop rules

    - coachgun: slightly more accurate while standing still, full damage range slightly increased. Price dropped -5
    - Kick + Boots: -2 notoriety (kick without boots perk still receives 12 notoriety points)
    - bow: +1 notoriety

    - Elimination game mode: standoff not triggered properly, bots attacking unarmed players, players opening last weapon crate may not get selected for standoff
    - fof_winterlong: a few exploits, thanks to Furdabip for letting us know

    FoF Competitive League News and Awards!

    Season 2 finished past weekend and Y3*YO*Y3 got the final victory against Reverse Gaming. The final took 2 hours along 3 maps and both teams fought hard till the end. In case you missed it, here's the whole match. Head over here for all the rankings and more info.

    I'd like to reward all participants in season 2 with a scoreboard badge that indicates their final position (1st, 2nd or 3rd) or just that they played the whole season. Also, winners get the new golden gun skins during the whole January month! Thanks to Coco for compiling the necessary information to make this possible.

    And finally, I remind you that Season 3 registration is open, go to the FoFCL group for details.

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