[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - February 17

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    - fof_tramonto_12 by R_Yell, which means it only will load on dedicated servers supporting 12 or less slots. A normal sized version will be released in a further update.
    - [Teamplay] cvar fof_sv_switchsides: teams are switched mid game when one of the sides reaches the score set by fof_sv_winlimit (mp_teamlimit must be 0). Cash is reset and a second half is played. Game finishes when a team scores double of fof_sv_winlimit or first team outscoring the opposite team's first half score.
    - updated Swedish translation by Woozie

    - Pump Shotgun: -9% damage

    - [Teamplay] score and round time panel not showing on STV demos/broadcast
    - [Elimination] certain standoff related issues


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