[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - January 21

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    - fof_sawmill by Resi. Please note that this is the first FoF map that only can be played on a dedicated server if it's set to 12 or less slots. It won't work in a rotation along normal or 32 slot maps!!
    - Highlighted community servers: an alternative server browser that showcases servers playing game modes as Teamplay, Break Bad, Elimination or Last Man Standing (unofficial game mode). Head over this thread to discuss it.
    - cvar fof_sv_maxrounds: specifies max rounds to be played in a TP/ELI mode, requires mp_timelimit set to 0
    - cvar fof_sv_winlimit: specifies the score needed to win a map in a TP/ELI mode, requires mp_timelimit set to 0
    - cvars fof_sv_mapcycle_dm_12 and fof_sv_mapcycle_dm_32, they set the proper map cycle file for 12 and 32 slots maps
    - check that prevents regular/large maps to be loaded in dedicated servers whose slots are lower than 16

    - Kill assist improved: now there's no minimum damage needed to count towards assist. The accumulated damage still needs to be 40 or higher. If a players heals by drinking whiskey, any assist accumulated damage is decreased by the amount of whiskey drunk
    - tp_abandoned: end round score rewards teams defending their home cap point (keep the points gained through that round while attackers lose them). Less sniping from base to base
    - Elimination game mode: weapon crates become available progressively: first blue, then red and finally gold

    - [Elimination] players able to kill/use weapons after Standoff has been announced, several glitches related to standoff


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