[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - July 16

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    - players get frozen during Teamplay round end
    - event log for player notoriety gained

    - some props are destroyed when a player respawns near them, but the prop is still visible, just not solid.
    - fists don't inflict damage to world/props
    - team scramble, this time for sure!
    - tp_eliminator: bots couldn't leave one of the end respawn areas

    - tp_loothill/tp_riobravo: a new game mode is being tested in both maps. This game mode is a fusion of zone capture and elimination. Round begins as elimination, with no other objective than killing entire enemy team. When timer reaches 0, objective changes to zone capture if both teams are still alive. There are no respawns until a new round begins.

    - players always lose their guns after surviving a round [Teamplay]
    - cash reward system: now there's a bonus reward proportional to notoriety acquired during last round. This means those players that did better during previous round get a small cash boost. The base and bonus rewards increase slightly each new round for all players. This means that initial rounds are more prone to be fight with low tier weapons, while top tier guns will be more affordable in later rounds.
    - new cash system grants both teams same cash each new round, the bonuses are calculated using a relative formula. Example: doesn't matter the notoriety amount for a team's top player, top player will get same cash bonus in both teams.

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