[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - July 4

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    Howdy! these week has seen many updates since the addition of cash based system and new teamplay maps. Hope this approach to mass testing isn't a big inconvenience for you, at least I can say the worse part of it is over. My plan is to go back to one weekly update after today's update. Hope you like the changes, I'm looking forward to your feedback.

    - tp_eliminator: less cash awarded to players, +5 second longer respawn intervals. These changes seek a more tactical approach rather than brute force one
    - autobalance routine: less prone to switch higher ranked players
    - tweaked default loadout file, more neutral. Remember you can customize your loadouts:

    - normal dynamite cost +$10
    - dynamite exploding when being shot is harder to trigger as the 'hitbox' is smaller now. This mechanic can be disabled at all using fof_sv_dynamite_shot cvar
    - dynamite chain reaction (carried dynamite explodes on blast damage) is a bit harder to trigger, requires 50 damage (previously 40)

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