[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - June 19

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    Today we add a new game mode, or better said, a base to create new game modes as it makes possible many different team versus variants. Teamplay is the common element in this new mode, as it's meant to focus on team versus scenarios.

    Note for server admins:
    If you want to start a teamplay mode server, just set 'fof_sv_currentmode' to 2 in server.cfg. Your starting map should be tp_riobravo, as this is the only one included in this update.

    Note for level designers:
    A new sample map is included, look in your fof/mapsrc/ folder. This one replicates the game mode used in tp_riobravo, but that's just one of many possible alternatives. Please note that teamplay based map must use 'tp_' prefix instead 'fof_'


    - Teamplay based game mode
    - tp_riobravo: a level based on fof_riobravo by Red_Yager for v3.9. This map features team elimination objective: kill the entire opposite team before timer ends. Extra time is added if players remain alive for both teams. Dead players respawn again when extra time is added.
    - sound fx for handgun throw

    - lit dynamite sound not playing when a second dynamite stick is lit
    - players being able to block train under certain conditions

    - fists: -1 notoriety reward

    FoF_depot changes:
    - Catwalk added to opposite side of tunnel
    - Gold crate removed from train and placed on new catwalk
    - Scaffolding added to side of warehouse
    - Train takes less time to show again, different car composition

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