[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - June 27

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    Howdy partners, today we release a very important update that will set the foundation for objective and teamplay based maps. Past week there was released a barebones version of it, today you'll see a more complete featureset which includes zone capture, a team scoring system, some new HUD elements and a completely new weapon selection system.

    The new weapon selection is cash based and works in a similar way than Counter-Strike, except it allows lot more customization for level designers and players. For instance, a level designer can decide when and how much player cash gets increased. Players can create weapon loadouts whose only

    limit is their available cash and 4 weapon/perk slots per loadout. That also means all weapons are available in Teamplay modes, as long players can pay their price.

    You'll see some default loadouts, but those are only the starting point, as these scripts can be edited if you check the game folder

    (SteamApps/common/Fistful of Frags/fof/fof_scripts/loadouts). Also additional loadout master files can be created, for further organization and sharing. I just don't recommend to edit the default one, as it will get overwritten eventually.

    - Zone capture gameplay. Now tp_riobravo uses this game mode instead elimination
    - New weapon purchase system, to be used on Teamplay based game modes only
    - new killstreak music by Mr.Neverest
    - zone capture sample map added to mapsrc/ folder. Fof.fgd updated to latest additions
    - reworked fanning sequence for Volcanic pistol

    - improper map reset after warm-up

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