[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server update - May 21

Discussion in 'Game News and Updates' started by VaultBot, May 21, 2014.

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    - cl_disablehtmlmotd cvar to Options/Multiplayer/Advanced. Use it to disable the HTML version of 'message of the day' window. This will prevent certain ads from showing, as they may cause general annoyance, client crashes and other undesired effects.

    - unofficial 33 slot server support. It never was officially supported in first place, some server ops 'hacked' it though. Mod isn't ready for these many slots, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    - revolver fanning affected by iron sight sensivity
    - wrong color for assist in death notice

    - player collisions changed to soft collisions for enemies and friendlies, temporal fix until something better can be found
    - fof_robertlee: exploit fixed, less explosive barrels

    - dual wield handguns get same player speed than single handgun mode, before it was slightly slower. Note this isn't related to weapon overweight speed penalty, as carrying only 2 handguns doesn't decrease your speed.
    - explosive barrel: notoriety reward decreased to 15

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