[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - November 27

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    Howdy! Today's update introduces a new player-physic props interaction that should add extra fun and planning into kick related attacks. Please check it out and let me know what do you think!

    - a kicked player damages physic props when colliding into them in mid-air. Player also receives some damage from the prop. A prop related kill also counts as frag for kicker
    - player burps when trying to drink whiskey and their health is full
    - cvar fof_secondary_toggle: toggle mode (on-off) instead keep pressed secondary attack for iron sights/fanning. Check it in Options/multiplayer/advanced
    - usable items are hinted in HUD when player looks at them (doors, buttons, whiskey, weapon crates, etc). Note that some random props may generate unexpected outputs now ;)
    - [Teamplay] cvar fof_sv_spawn_invul_time to control spawn invulnerability time

    - fof_fistful: railings break when a player is kicked into them. Added a new safe at bank, it may not work as expected. Also added a secret passage, its location is unknown. Improved cubemap reflections

    - Player speed while using pump shotgun increased to handgun level
    - Henry rifle damage over long distance slightly decreased

    New map showcase

    Here are some captures for a new shootout/break bad map called fof_winterlong. It's coming along nicely and should be added next week. Notice the amount of destructible railings :)


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