[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - September 19

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    As promised, today we're starting the Break Bad beta. This is a combat oriented game type where players spawn without any weapon or melee capabilities. Killing unarmed players is penalized, however as soon players can attack by weapon purchase or other ways, they become targets and their heads are worth good money.

    Unlike Shootout game modes, there's a team goal in Break Bad: being the richest team at the end of the map. Total cash team increases each time a player earn cash by any way. Team cash can't be diminished so it doesn't matter how players spend their personal cash.

    There are several ways to earn money:
    - kill enemy players: the higher is its kill count the higher is reward.
    - loot delivery: take a loot from place to place. Killing a loot carrier involves a special reward.
    - weapon sales: players can exchange all their weapons for cash at certain places.

    Note for server admins: to start a Break Bad server, just change your fof_sv_currentmode cvar to 3

    - Break Bad mode (beta)
    - Player stats (notoriety, frags, cash, etc) get saved if player disconnects for whatever reason, if player rejoins same map and server they are restored
    - Extra options to configure notoriety / killstreak panel (look in Options/Multiplayer/Advanced)
    - team balancing for 3 or 4 teams matches
    - team identification behind player health counter (can be disabled in Options/Multiplayer/Advanced)
    - Teamplay mode: player's cash column in scoreboard

    - fists can't be used during first spawn in deathmatch modes
    - possible bot related glitch that causes an infinite loop or server crash
    - weapon chest selection menu remains open despite player has been killed

    - fof_cripplecreek: exploit fixed, navigation improvements
    - team balance now takes into account friends in same team
    - bigger text for death notices and scoreboard

    - Volcanic pistol cost increased: +$2

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