[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - September 26

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    - certain props will auto-center their angles while being carried by players so they stand up correctly when dropped
    - introdution for Teamplay game mode
    - 2 new load-out definition files: left-handed guns and short + long weapons

    - case where a player killed while using ironsights would spawn zoomed
    - rare dynamite related crash -> Thanks to Zero from Xpenia servers for sending crash dumps
    - server crash involving explosive barrels
    - case where weapon purchase system would allow player to queue several items by mistake
    - intro slides being played more than once

    - tweaked phong and environment reflection for several weapons

    FoF Competitive League - Playoffs:

    Here's the schedule for Saturday games:

    1st game
    Fistful of FaZe vs Reverse Gaming
    9:30pm EST
    map: tp_snowy

    2nd game
    Y3*YO*Y3 vs Ranger Danger
    11:00pm EST
    map: tp_snowy

    Cast: http://www.twitch.tv/borgmercenary

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